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Business: Marketing an Online Course

Hey guys! Business question for you, hope this is in the correct section of the forum.

I've been running a blog over here in Korea for about the last 7 years, and have a reasonable following. I rank on Google for a few terms that send traffic my way, but nothing major. I recently created an online video course and I'm trying to figure out the best way to market it and get members to join. Blog traffic and conversions are already there, but fairly minimal and not really enough to sustain it alone. I'm looking into things like social media presence to drive traffic and google or facebook ads, but I'm not sure if they're worthwhile overall.

For background knowledge, it's a course about meeting and dating Asian Women specifically, and is on a completely different domain and brand than my blog. I have a sales page set up with a ~20 min sales video on the front basically going for the cold sale straight away. I've tried using my mailing list from the blog to convert sales, but that hasn't proven successful yet, so I haven't tried that tactic on the new page.

Another thought I've had is to advertise on porn sites. Not the 'cleanest' form of advertising, but given the content material, it may convert quite well and it's fairly cheap to try.... since nobody wants to advertise on porn sites!

All that is to ask - Do any of you guys have experience with online marketing and have any ideas or advice about how to drive additional traffic or increase sales conversions? This forum seems like a very intelligent group of people with wide areas of practice and expertise. Would love any tips or thoughts from you!

PS: I didn't include a link to the page as I don't want this to be misconstrued as promotion. I will provide one if you guys want / need.

Jey Jack,

Feel free to link anything you want: one, we know each other and you're writing with your (public) name and picture, two you've already provided lots of value, three, it just fits naturally.

From a marketing point of view, this website might be very uncommon.

It's a one-shot kill type of story, with no previous misses and no future killings.

So in a way, one could think "he knows what he's doing", but on the other hand, my experience and learning are also limited. I didn't fight the odds, try a million things, or learned what differentiates "good marketing" from "poor one" -and if I'd have to guess, I'd guess that this website's marketing is still underwhelming since I've put such little effort into it-.
I also don't measure things much. I have no idea for example if most people purchase after they read the email, or after they read the sales page.

For the sales page, I used another sales page I liked as a starting point and then tweaked it for this website's content, style, and value.
I've also always prioritized the product/learning, never scaling. So I never tried hiring someone, or running any ads -albeit I might get into that in the future and I think it can be very helpful-.
That kept the flow of visitors and purchases relatively steady -not huge by any means, but enough-.
That's my particular, and somewhat uncommon, style of approaching the business side of things.

Personally, I think the dating niche is challenging as there are a lot of marketers in it, and there seems to be a certain "race to the bottom" when it comes to marketing, with lots of scammy-sounding marketing.
Unluckily in a way, if that type of marketing is so popular, maybe it also works.

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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Feel free to link anything you want: one, we know each other and you're writing with your (public) name and picture, two you've already provided lots of value, three, it just fits naturally.

On the same page as Lucio!
You came into the forum so naturally and provided lots of valuable insights!
Naturally, I am curious about what you do as well.

From a marketing point of view, this website might be very uncommon.

It's a one-shot kill type of story, with no previous misses and no future killings.

Lucio is a real-life James Bond indeed.

Lucio is probably being too humble about not fighting the odds.
Lots of gurus talk about failing as learning opportunities because they are okay with you failing, and guess who they want you to come for to ask for advice.
Venture capitalist, Marc Andreesseen talks about how failure is overrated.

Negotiating and navigating power is not something talked about in courses a lot.
I feel that power dynamics is both a very interesting concept to talk about and a great distinguishing term from a marketing perspective.

We can keep this thread with a brainstorming and open vibe on marketing if everyone likes it to be.
I am launching a new service/product and would be interested in discussing this as well.

Facebook Ads & Target Audience - What Type of People Will Be Interested In Getting Better At Meeting Asian Women?

This is actually very interesting to explore with Facebook Ads.
Facebook Ads can be used for

  • discovering what type of people would like your product best
  • actually increasing sales on your webpage

Great thing about Facebook Ad platform is that it is linked with Instagram as well.
You can post an ad and let Facebook manage the exposure on both platforms, Facebook and Instagram.
Facebook wants to optimise your traffic because it wants you to continue posting more ads for the company to make more money.

You can start as low as USD 5 for an ad.
Run the ad across 2 days and see how it goes.
Facebook also has an A/B testing feature, so you can test which ad gave better results.
You can isolate single variables to test

  • Ad content
  • Demographic - age range, income, education, etc
  • Location

Measuring Bottlenecks in the Sales Process from Ad to Sale

When it comes to actually return on investment via Facebook ads, it can be quite hit and miss as you mention Jack.
As such, measuring the bottleneck in the sales process is quite important.
This is the online equivalent of a sales pipeline.

Do many people click on your ad, go to your website, spend 5 seconds on the sales page and drop off?
Do people go all the way to payment and then drop off? (What a waste! If your payment is not seamless)
Or do people spend 5 minutes scrolling up and down your sales page and then walk away?

Stealing Audience from Competitors

Facebook Ads allow you to target certain terms that you can potentially use to steal audience from your competitors.
I'm not sure who your competitors are when it comes to products to get better at dating Asian/Korean women.

Some people target YouTube Ads on their competitor's videos so that they can steal some audience even before their competitor's video starts.

Long Term Brand Building - Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) seems to be the most cost-effective way of attracting customers long-term.
Much like what Lucio is doing.
Posting YouTube videos, articles, content on social media and targeting keywords on his own website.
Because posting ads do cost quite a bit of money if you are doing it long-term.

For background knowledge, it's a course about meeting and dating Asian Women specifically, and is on a completely different domain and brand than my blog.

Hmm this is a challenge.
I guess what you did using your email list was the transferrable portion on building your audience from the main business.


If your personal social media accounts are very polished and trendy, potential collaborations with influencers may be possible.
Maybe it's more challenging for promoting a dating course because of the political non-correctness.
Some people have gone from the angle of improving communication with your partner and finding a partner that you fit with.
This would come across better to a wider audience for the influencer's brand and your brand.


Away from all the tactics and techniques, my friend inspired me to use this technique.
He sells his pre-launched course before he finishes his final product.

In this way, he can stop building his product if he deems the demand to be insufficient.
Alternatively, he can work on marketing his product differently or tweak the product as well.

And what a genius technique in the last part.
Though it could be argued to be viewed as undelivering.
He tries to get sales of the product before it has been built.
If he cannot deliver, he refunds his customers.

Another technique is to see how much sales you can collect from each potential product.
Then actually build the product that gets the most sales.
Refund all the other customers on the other potential products.

To be clear, this is not a slimy technique.
Top apps and businesses have used this to ensure building a product that the market wants.

Hailo, bought over by myTaxi a German e-hailing company in 2016, is a good example.
The first customer paid for hailing a ride without a functional app.
In a cafe, one founder pitched the idea, showed the customer a few screenshots and a simple interface to key in his destination.
He manually collected his payment via his credit card and signalled to his cofounder to call the driver manually.
The driver was told where to pick up the customer (the cafe) and the destination.
In the end, the customer got to his intended destination, the founders got their first payment, and they went on to do further customer testing to show that people wanted their service.

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Lucio BuffalmanoJack North

Wow, excellent advice, thank you @lucio and @cheeweijie!

I'll definitely be looking into ads, particularly facebook ads and google ads. I'm actually running it as somewhat of a collaboration with another guy who creates a similar course, and he's working on cracking YT ads for his course but not a lot of luck so far.

As for social media, I was actually approached by a guy who I've coached before in the past and he's trying to work on using TikTok as a growth platform with another former student of mine working on IG / Facebook. I personally loathe social media, but I also recognize its usefulness in this field - but I'm also beyond thrilled to pay high commissions to other guys willing to do it for me haha.

I realize that it may sound a bit odd that I've branched this off entirely from my original blog and community, but there is a method to the madness. My blog, The Seoul Player, is focused (as you might surmise) on Korea and on pickup / hookup information. I'm trying to zoom out the focus a bit and focus on Asia in general to garner more audience as well as focusing less on the pickup style and more on the relationship side of things. To that end, I've used some of the same content, but also changed the focus a lot and added a ton of relationship-based advice as well.

I tried using a launch special discount strategy through my site and the email list I have there, but it didn't seem to work very well. This could mean that 1) the old audience isn't interested in the new content, 2) the new content isn't in demand, or 3) I don't have enough of an audience to accurately gauge the demand. I think it's most likely the third option.

In any case, for you guys who are curious about the new site, here is the link - Asian Girlfriend

I would love any feedback you guys can give me on the sales page, and if you're interested in the content, I've made a special coupon just for you guys. Put in POWERMOVES at the checkout page for 75% off. That coupon should be good for anyone here until the end of March. I can't completely give it away, but I'm also not posting here to try and make bank or anything.

Really love the community here, and I love how positive you all are. Very happy to be part of the group here, and love the different takes you guys have!

Much love to you too Jack!

Maybe not as much as the Korean women are giving you ;). Which explains the lack of time for SEO.

Thank you for being generous with your content.

Many of us here welcome advice from an experienced hand.

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Jack North
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