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Business University sales page feedback: what do you think?

Which sales copy do you prefer?
New Copy
Old Copy
Keep Both (As Is)

Hi everyone,

I updated the copy for BU's sales page recently.

Now, the top section is my copy and all of the copywriting underneath the green "Get Started" button (starting at the "Note" that's highlighted in yellow) is the old copy. (See here.)

If you have a moment to leave a quick vote, which do you like best?

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

I much prefer the new one, Ali.

Ali Scarlett has reacted to this post.
Ali Scarlett
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Cool, based on the votes and your feedback then, Lucio, it seems like it may be better to remove the old copy.

If you're up for that, I'd recommend getting a web designer to improve the spacing of some of the text as well. Moments like this feel too jumbled to me:

But, that could only be my preference, and happy to read any feedback on it (as well as any other parts of the sales page).

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