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Couple of re-frames I saw lately

Working at a big bank at the moment.    Thought people might be interested and there may be some techniques lurking in there somewhere.

Another manager (lets call her Amira) and my boss (Bob) - Bob was presenting his schedule to the group.

Amira:  That's fine (with downward dismissive tone) but we need to remember the support side is more important.

Bob:  Support is always important (sounding like agreeing but with a clipped tone and subtext of don't waste my time with apple pie statements).  And we see on the schedule that we've given quite a generous allocation to support transition and training.  The other part of the schedule of interest is....

So I think the tactic here was a bit of holding the frame and broken record - she could see however she tried to divert him and grab the floor he was going to bring it back to his topic and keep on going


The smart Alex power player Natalie at a team meeting: 

Natalie:  Have we thought about who we're going to need to cover the new project (this is Amira's turf she's the team lead and it was in her regular speaking slot in the meeting )

Amira: "I was just going to ask that question. Jackie how is your capacity this week?   Alison is this project like the re-investments one you did?

Natalie is very good at questioning.  She often calls out gaps through questioning and then tries to take the leadership role.  This was Amira's segment of the meeting.  By taking over the questioning herself she stole Natalie's best tactic and regained the leadership role.


CEO briefing (let's call him Paul) with CFO (Robert) - quarterly results broadcast to the internal employees

Paul:  "We can see that key segments have come back strongly and we're starting to build momentum in the major metropolitan markets.

I'll handover to Robert now for the numbers and then share a bit of what's next for the company. " (Framing Paul as the high level leader steering the ship and Robert as a bean counter - particularly easy and effective micro attack on an accountant as everyone knows that meme.)

Robert:  "Well its more about the word than numbers.  And the word is building.  And I think you've touched on that Paul (giving some power back).  We've seen that the small to medium business segment has real buzz and we've responded by increasing business banking activity in our branch network.    If anyone is interested there's a number of key metrics included in the pack that accompanies this talk."

To me Robert stayed high level  and strategic and refused to be dragged down into presenting statistics which would have cemented Paul's negative framing.

This is an interesting one.  These guys are extremely media savvy.  It might have been a real micro conflict or it might just have been staged.  Even if it was just to add some flavour I could see this being used as a real attack.  Similar to how marketing people have tried to frame me aproject manager as a techie ('not part of the business/not one of us').


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on the first one I knew I'd seen it here before:

great now we've got a couple of examples of this technique

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Very good ones, Kevin!

If the CFO wanted to wrestle free of the negative "accountant frame" while power-protecting even more and keeping a better relationship with CEO, he might have said:

CEO: I'll hand over to Robert now for the numbers and then share a bit of what's next for the company.
CFO: Yeah, the numbers are important, we got those covered, and we might even go there (Validates the initial frame before reframing). In this case, I think more about the word than numbers.


CFO: (...) Yeah, we could go with the raw numbers. If you're cool with that, I'll give you this different angle and update you guys on...  (accepts the frame, but then chooses his own topic)

But the path he choose was also cool.
Just needed to be careful the CEO didn't start seeing him as a competition/enemy, but I like dit.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks Lucio

I ve added that to my notes on managing up.

Guys on the #2 scenario "takeover the questioning" move. I feel like that s a high power move that needs positional authority.

Can we think of ways this tactic could be adapted to work at the same level in the hierarchy?