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Crowdsourcing Forum Examples for Quizzes

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BOOM Matthew, this is ongoing, awesome.

I thought it was one of those project that stopped after the initial phase.

Great, glad to read that, I'll take a better look later.

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I was focusing on making WIIFT examples for the quizzes.

Though maybe I should make some examples for covert power moves since, from our discussion, that area is more complex.
Including examples where

  • it's clearly covert power moves
  • when it's value-adding, and
  • when it's a mix of both

I think this will help me improve this area.
But, at the same time, this may take up more of Lucio's time as well.
Since I may not get the dynamics right and it's more complex.
Overall, it may move forward the covert power moves body of knowledge.

Feel free to share what the community thinks, and thank you.


WIIFM is more mechanical and somewhat easier to get (albeit even there, there are more complex aspects of course).

The way I see, the added value of this project is in helping get the "feel", the natural understanding for social and power dynamics.

So yes, more covert power move, more hidden dynamics, and more "what does this behavior mean to you", "what can you do", and "what behavior is best to achieve X goal".


  • judge power dynamics
  • re-empowering techniques (like the ones we discussed in elevator power dynamics)

And for more general social skills things like:

  • what creates rapport
  • what decreases rapport

Maybe different sections can help.
For example "general social dynamics", "power dynamics", "frames", "techniques to re-empower yourself", etc.

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WIIFM is more mechanical and somewhat easier to get (albeit even there, there are more complex aspects of course).

Okay, I will mix in social exchange manipulation.
That is harder to get.

Currently, my WIIFM google forms have the sections:

  • WIIFT Fails
  • Getting the Most Out of a Favour - how to fairly market your value well
    • Letting the person know that your knowledge is valuable
  • Persuasion via WIIFT
    • This is more complex when the WIIFT is not clear.
      But good salespeople know the right level of vagueness/clarity to spark the interest of the buyer.
      Then, get them to share more while you specify your WIIFT more clearly as they share.

Then, the more advanced social exchanges which include manipulation.
In a way, social exchange manipulations are covert power moves.

I haven't thought this fully through.
But I think it's useful to share it here.

I saw that you donate money to abuse victims from the ebooks: Ultimate Power, Dating Power Dynamics, etc.

I was thinking of packaging situations of abuse with some of the principles you recommend to combat abuse.

Then, I can reach out to anti-abuse organisations if this is something of interest.

The thing is that there's more competition.
I found a couple of anti-abuse courses online.

Maybe the user experience could appear discreet.
It needs to be something where the victim feels

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to learn and apply

Yes, social exchange manipulation is also another big one where the "feel" helps.

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From the thread Power Dynamics Traffic Light Discussion,

Lucio: I'm personally not yet ready to provide a more prescriptive approach such as "do this when green, do that when orange" as I haven't thought about it well enough.

This is another motivation of mine to organise and work on examples in addition to helping people develop the feel.

I suspect greater clarity of certain dynamics will arise when we consider a few similar examples together.
And examples that overlap a bit but with slightly different dynamics.

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Yep, agreed.

As you cluster more examples then more clarity emerges that allows for more general guidelines.

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LinkedIn polls on the LinkedIn page is something that we can do to test the popularity of quizzes and possibly generate more engagement.

I realised you only have 231 followers.
You can invite 100 people every month to your LinkedIn business page.
Maybe you have a different strategy than mass-inviting people.

Slightly off-topic but related to LinkedIn.
I have yet to prove this conclusively.
Putting links in the comments is better than in the post.

LinkedIn Experiment: Link in Post VS Link in Comment

I suspect it's because LinkedIn wants people to say on the platform instead of going to another website.

Short Quiz on Social Exchange Manipulation

Quick feedback/idea on my side:

I'd only go for quizzes that can either reference a video, a screenshot, or a dialogue.

That reads more like a summary, than a quiz.

A quiz would be:

Him: let's move our meeting at 3:15
You: cool
Him: thank you for being flexible and sorry about the last-minute change

Is this green, orange, or red?

Then explain why.

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