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Crowdsourcing Forum Examples for Quizzes

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Did you only check the first page?

I put the summary on the first page to give some context.

Then the dialogues as you advised on the subsequent.

Yes I did, got it, it looks cool now.

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Okay, I will continue working on different examples.

I didn't share the WIIFT quiz because it appears as a jumble of different scenarios at the moment.

As for the LinkedIn page, I can

  • Plan "themes"
    • Social exchange manipulation
    • Aggression
    • Assertiveness
    • Covert power moves
  • Test the quizzes via LinkedIn polls
  • Generate traffic to this website
    • Invite my connections
    • LinkedIn posts - quizzes + concepts summary

Latest quiz

I added more examples.
And also incorporated the traffic light principle in the quizzes.

I can remove the sign-in option if you think that's more convenient.
But I wanted to let people get a copy of the quizzes if they do answer the quizzes.
And I can also contact them to try out future quizzes.

3 possible routes from here:

  1. Continue on Google Forms
    • Simple
    • Possible duplicate efforts down the road
  2. Use LearnDash on this website
    • Maybe more administrative and collaborative overhead
    • Test on a launchable platform
  3. I set up my own website
    • It could be easier to do experimentation (landing page + plugins) and targeted ads

All 3 options are not exclusive.
But wanted to list out the options so that we are on the same page.

I also would like to ask for your thoughts on the LinkedIn idea to test while generating traffic for the website.
No rush on this one since much to work on for the quiz examples.

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Hello Matthew,

When you think you're at a crossroad, let me know and we can jump on a quick call / audio messaging.

My side on this:

  • Where: I'm open to anything, and so far prefer TPM. I had in mind a product to develop social intelligence as a pre-foundation for power dynamics. Which is why I was so interested in the project. That makes it a naturally good fit with PU
  • Immediate next steps - structure?  I think staying on Google form for now, and refining the idea at a higher level. I'd think now in terms of structure. For example, how to divide emotional/social intelligence VS power dynamics
  • Current availability: as you might have noticed, my current availability is limited as I'm fully booked on PU upgrade. I'll be on limited availability for a few months. That means that:
  • The contribution I can offer on content-side: The contribution I had in mind was on reviewing and feedbacking the product as it progresses.
    As it's been the case so far, that also means that you are driving most of the development (at least in the early stages). Of course, you must also chip in and let me know what you think about that, and what you think can or cannot take on
  • Linkedin: I have no expertise on Linkedin, and I'm generally always open to testing and trying things I have no idea about

We can move to 1:1 to clarify these points more quickly and effectively.

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Matthew Whitewood
Check the forum guidelines for effective communication.
(Book a call) for personalized & private feedback

As for the structure, I'm taking an examples-driven approach and refining the structure as I go along.

Currently, I'm working on the following areas:


  • Work on examples for fundamentals of social skills
  • Think about the structure.
    What are the components of basic social skills?


  • How to make new friends at a social event?

Tactical (with quizzes)

  • How to start conversations?
  • How to end conversations?

How to set up your own learning path?

  • What do you want to achieve?
    • Making friends
    • Travelling around


Quote from Matthew Whitewood on August 10, 2021, 9:51 am

Latest quiz

I think we should make use of these quizzes and the examples above.

Since now we pivoted from making more examples to hone power intelligence to honing the basics of social intuition.

Although we can keep this project open for future circumstances.

Something like mega-bank of social/power intelligence training examples.
Like the power apprenticeship example we talked about.

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