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Discount negotiation technique: the "staggered method" + "currency switch"

The staggered method simply means:

You break down your requests for price reductions by steps.

See an example here:

As a 3rd element, notice how I don't just "ping", I showcase that I can go without him, which increases my leverage 

If I'd have asked:

Can you make a discount for last-minute booking and cash payment?

Then I'd have lost all my future leverage.
Yes, you can get a bit more leverage in the present, but one, first requests in negotiations are very common, and two, one reason is enough for the ask. So adding the second reason together with the first gives you little additional present leverage, at a heavy future cost.

Even if you don't intend to ask for a second (or 3rd / 4th) step, it's still a good idea to use this technique.


Because if you get denied, or if some other information pops up, then you can add the second (3rd / 4th) reason, and now it seems like there are a lot of good reasons to provide a discount.

In this case, I uncover a hidden important information: my seat is the last, and less comfortable (it was totally fine).
So I leverage that ("damn"), plus add the second reason.


Plus, notice the subtle power move, I then switch to the local currency.

So when I ask for a discounted price in the local currency, it doesn't feel like he's making a big concession based on the initial price because we're in a brand new unit of measure.
There is no anchor anymore, it's like starting from scratch.

And got the second leg of discount.

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This is really interesting.
In the above example, it's all about nibbling the price down without making concessions.
And using tricks on the currency & the weakness of his offer (the uncomfortable, last seat).

I thought that it wasn't smart of him to label the last seat as uncomfortable.
He should have rather highlighted how the front seats are a better choice.

I'm thinking about

  1. Does this apply to staggering concessions to reach a deal?
  2. Staggering rewards to build relationships

Staggering Concessions to Reach a Deal

Sometimes we need to give a concession to get a concession from the counter-party in a negotiation.
How you plan out giving the concessions do matter a lot.

And it could be more beneficial to give small, successive concessions than one big concession.
As you have pointed out above, one big concession shows your hand too much, and you lose negotiating power.
The counter-party may end up nibbling you rather than you nibbling him.

We haven't talked about the holistic strategy of what concession is best to play during the counterparty's offer.

Staggering Rewards to Build Relationships

I notice some women are very smart.
They give small rewards to get the man to chase more or invest more.

I think men can do this as well.
Inducing small positive emotions everyday are better than inducing the occasional, big positive emotion.
Many small gifts are also better than one big gift.

Don't show-hand on the first date unless maybe you want to splash money around to get it going fast.

Don't Stagger When Telling Bad News

If you have several bad news, try to package them together and deliver in one go.
Imagine getting told 5 pieces of bad news over 5 days.
No one likes that emotionally.
They will also think about why you keep bothering them. (tying the messenger to the news)
Deliver all in one go.

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Great message, Sam, a big yes to all of your points!

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?