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Does Power University help with approach anxiety?

Looking forward to going through it.

2 questions.

1. Does the dating book your wrote come with this program and if not should I buy it or does this course cover the same material?

2. I understand that the course is designed to make people be high value and high power, which I'm excited about. My biggest issue is with approach anxiety does the book dating section cover that? And approaching in general.

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Hello N.

  1. No, DPD is not included. See this post for a longer answer. Personally, I think there is enough overlap between the dating module and the ebook that I probably wouldn't recommend getting the ebook separately.
  2. Ultimate Power might help with approach anxiety (AA): Ultimate Power is all about mindsets of mental self-development and overcoming fears and stumbling blocks, which in turn obviously impact life achievement. It does not deal with AA as its own issue, but things like growth mindset and antifragile ego, to me, are far more foundational to addressing AA than anything I've seen in other programs that exclusively address AA. The Dickens pattern described in it can also help.



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