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Enlightned Individualism: an empowered approach to life

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From the typos' thread:

Quote from Stef on May 26, 2021, 4:22 am

comentary: Yes yet then we are also part of human misery and disgraceful behavior I supposed.

a healthier way to put it is that you, as an enlightened individualist will choose to do the good things humanity is capable of...

Great point, Stef, very logic and meaningful observation, thank you!

Amended the article and credited/linked to you.

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From the typo's thread:

Quote from Stef on May 27, 2021, 4:47 am

However, the enlightened individualist does not go as far as the libertarians do.


This part sounds kind of like:

“to be an Enlightened individualist you need to have exactly the same political ideas as I, Lucio, do”

I mean all you are saying are pretty reasonable points of view.

Not all libertarians are complete anarchist, there is a class that I call "legal-minimalist anarchists", they dont want government yet they still want some rules against the worst of human unfettered behavior, so society would still need some kind of localy organized police and private courts of law.

(one of government bigger ruses is to present the false dilemma: government OR "all-against-all-anything-goes anarchy")

There may be a third option.


Ultimately though, the enlightened individualist is apolitical.

Yet from the previous paragraphs he seems to have very specifics ideas about what is needed to properly organize a society.

I get what you want to mean with apoliticism, at the same time I think as long as one relates to another there always will be a political element in all human interactions (power dynamics permeates the social world).

And I think an elightened individualist, even if one future day decides to try to trascend all of that, in the meantime he does not tries to deny the fact that the political element is always present, so in a way he would not consider himself 100% apolitical (talking about politics in the broad sense).


Thank you Stef, the frank feedback the article -and I- badly needed.
You put me back into neutral mode where I had lost myself and gone way too deep into personal preferences.

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