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Typos, Grammar, Syntax, & Content Improvement - Megathread

You're welcome!

Module 3.4, the last video (guy tries to own Judge Judy) does not work:


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Thank you John! Fixed.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

caring too much becomes harmful when it's too much

for stylistic reasons and clarity I would go for

"caring becomes harmful when overdone"

(on the post about indiference)

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Makes sense, thank you Stef!

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Enlightened Self-Interest


Focus on the self: puts himself, his [alienable] individual rights




Personal agency might be mitigated by power dynamics when external entities have power over you


to make something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad:

option : moderated ( as we dont see personal agency as something bad or harmful, quite the contrary)


Enlightened individualists put the self before any(,) product, thing, or fetish.

first comma is a typo.


But he puts himself first, and sees products as (interchangeable) tools to achieve goals or increase his well being(s)

Final S is incongruent with the pronoun

And of (cousrse)

but he ultimately puts his relationship to God above the church, which is a (man-man) institution.

man made?

Homo sum, nihil humani a me alienum put

last word is missing an O: “alienum puto”

It means that as a human, you are automatically part of all human magnificence

comentary: Yes yet then we are also part of human misery and disgraceful behavior I supposed.

a healthier way to put it is that you, as an enlightened individualist will choose to do the good things humanity is capable of...


The first two (releate t ocontrol)

Enlightened individualists choose their judging criteria and prioritize (them).


Once a group of people start assigning power and authority based on rank, the “ranks” (tned)


the culture is to hold the government responsible for the economical well-being of people. It’s about demanding help from the state, expecting it… And complain when it’s not forthcoming.

thats like expecting a hangry wolf will take good care of our children

is by discussing other people tellin you how they are going to make a difference.

the final letter a g in telling is missing

So next time I will continue proofreding here

“How Enlightened Individualism Empowers You”

Sorry I take this long, I have been kind of bussy with online classes and work, take care


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Thank you so much, Stef!!

Also amended the article based on your observation and linked to your post.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

When he’s on goal-oriented journey,

 on A goal-...


Instead, he aims his efforts strictly at yields the most practical outcomes.

at WHAT yields, at yielding?


For example, Christie and Gleis showed that Machiavellians assess others more accurately by assigning to the individual the unflattering tendencies of the human species.

However, as Christie and Geis’ studies also showed, low Machiavellians were more accurate at assessing individuals -importantly, they underestimated people’s general Machiavellianism though-.

I don't understand. It sounds as if both are better than each other  at the same?

I remember once sitting with a group of people that, me excluded, you could define “life winners”.

define AS

7. Thrive When Society Fails

Out of context that sounds horrible

Female Domestication: How Women Control Men & Relationships

I feel it should be Male domestication, as males are the one being domesticated by females.

  • Fewer victims

And less people with the grave disease called “victim mentality”.

Dangers of Group Dynamics

this part reminds me of this book

Stirner goes to the other pole of the extreme, not healthy in several ways, but maybe some here may find some value in his book.


Cooperation through groups and is what makes the human race so successful.

After the and something is missing

Besides the fact that some rights of passages are an excuse to haze and harass younger men, enlightened individualists reject the externally mandated criteria of “how to become a man” or “what it means to be a man”.

There is a tribe of warriors I don't know where, the thing is that the young boys have to suck the elders cock and drink a lot of sperm as they believe the warrior strength is there, and you need it to grow strong, don't know if the red pill guys will also be in favor of that kind of “initiation ritual”.

Idealistic evil is evil committed by extremists in the belief they are doing something right.

Since a child I have put Hitler in this category, he really do seems to have had believed he was doing the best thing for Germany.

Collectivist Failure Example: Winning (Throguh)

As Robert Sapolsky says, “It’s problematic when non–zero sum games are viewed as zero-sum”, because you can turn win-win into lose-lose.

That's the mother of all failures and disgraces…


The “diffusion of responsibility” (Darley & Latane, 1968)

I would call it “dilution of responsibility”, I think it gives a more intuitive mental grasp of the process than diffusion.

the action of reducing the strength of a feeling, action, etc:

a dilution of standards

11. Groups Foster Social Climbing

10.2. When Status Spurs Violence

The order is wrong

from 11 to 10.2


The enlightened individualist sees no value, no honor, and nothing inherently good -or bad- about being gay -or hetero-: those weren’t traits you worked on. You can’t claim any “pride” on them.

Exception: you were born mostly hetero and you force yourself trough a lot of gay experiences and you ended liking it, then you can be proud.

Most groups you entered “by default”: there is no merit in being part of a group that was assigned to you either randomness, or by someone else

  • Race”: comes laden with racial tensions that you truly don’t need
  • Gender: it’s not antifragile, and recently laden with anger and poor self-help
  • Sexual orientation:

the explanation of sexual orientation is missing




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Lucio Buffalmano


Any idea what they want to mean?, it seems they did a typo at the end.

However, the enlightened individualist does not go as far as the libertarians do.

Knowing human nature, he is skeptical of anarchy and unfettered capitalism.

Enlightened individualists believe that well-run governments, albeit never perfect, can provide the infrastructure for organized, civil, and law-bound cooperation, which is foundational to progress and well-being.

This part sounds kind of like:

“to be an Enlightened individualist you need to have exactly the same political ideas as I, Lucio, do”

I mean all you are saying are pretty reasonable points of view.

Not all libertarians are complete anarchist, there is a class that I call "legal-minimalist anarchists", they dont want government yet they still want some rules against the worst of human unfettered behavior, so society would still need some kind of localy organized police and private courts of law.

(one of government bigger ruses is to present the false dilemma: government OR "all-against-all-anything-goes anarchy")

There may be a third option.


Ultimately though, the enlightened individualist is apolitical.

Yet from the previous paragraphs he seems to have very specifics ideas about what is needed to properly organize a society.

I get what you want to mean with apoliticism, at the same time I think as long as one relates to another there always will be a political element in all human interactions (power dynamics permeates the social world).

And I think an elightened individualist, even if one future day decides to try to trascend all of that, in the meantime he does not tries to deny the fact that the political element is always present, so in a way he would not consider himself 100% apolitical (talking about politics in the broad sense).

But it does mean that he approaches the world with ha question, and that protects him from manipulation and abuse.

the h before “a”

The “magic” of capitalism is that, through voluntary exchange, people benefit others by benefiting themselves.

Yes, but not always, and that's why we need some basic laws and some type of way of enforcing those laws (it does not have to be a government).

Enlightened individualists reject communism.

I think VOLUNTARY communism may be compatible with individualism, and can even coexist with a capitalistic society as long as it is voluntary (it is a free decision by people to live and put their goods in common, no authority forces them), still it will have its own risks.

6. It’s not about avoiding higher ideals

Not all ideals per se are not necessarily wrong or bad.




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Lucio Buffalmano

Some of the best article's feedback ever, thank you Stef!

Fixed, credited, and linked.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?