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Strategic submisivness for women (great first text reply)

Albeit "submissiveness" take a bad connotation in our culture, it's not how it works in dating.

Female submissiveness is a simple way of saying "so far, I like you".

It's very emboldening for men and it can be used strategically, even from early on.
Look at this example:

good first text reply for women

The power dynamics here was: me telling her what to do, and her confirming she did it.
Plus the coy emoji.
Both are strong signs of submission.

If you really liked a man, this is a great way to encourage him to take the next steps and a very good way of potentially start a romance.

Men are much more likely to invest and pursue in women who give them positive signs, and less in women who are playing hard to get. Unless the man was obviously incredibly into you and was already chasing hard, playing hard to get early on is often a bad idea.

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