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Playing hard to get: ladies, improve that strategy with "selectively hard to get"

Playing hard to get is a common game women play.

But common doesn't mean "good" or "effective".
Sure, sometimes it works.
But some other times, it backfires.

See an example here:

playing hard to get backfiresWhy did she fail?
Because any general advise in a world as complex as human socialization is, by definition, poor advice.

The Dating Generalizations

I have often written on this website that much of female dating advice is crap.

Even the best-selling dating books for women are nothing more but a collection of generalizations such as "make him chase", "don't sleep with him before X days" or "get into a relationship before sex".

Some of those generalization, like "make him chase" backfire the most exactly for the women who are most likely to search for dating advice, such as the women who are facing a difficult dating market.

I have addressed a few of these topics already, including:

Plus of course "common female dating mistakes" and the ebook "pussy power" which is basically a review of the whole dating literature and why it's wrong.

Anyway, done with the preface.
Let's address now "playing hard to get":

The "Hard to Get" Drawbacks

When a woman plays hard-to-get, men might end up wanting her more.

Not all men, and in all dating markets. Some will just move on.

But when a man does not have an abundanced of options, when he likes her and/or when he is high in power, he might actually want her more.
However, that comes at a price.
When she plays hard to get and he wants her more, he wants her more, but likes her less.

For some men, especially the most driven and abusive, that ends up looking like "I wanna her and then throwing her away". You know, "just to show her".
Sometimes he doesn't even throw her away, and a toxic and/or abusive relationship has just begun.

So is there a way to be wanted more and liked more?

Well, yes.
Enter, "selectively hard to get".

Selectively Hard to Get

Being selective hard to get means this:

You are hard to get for most people, but "easy" for the man of your choice. Not because you are generally easy, but because he is special.

Psychology research supports the idea that "selectively hard to get" is what men prefer the most.
And experience confirms that men do love easy women who are easy just for them.

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