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"Flip the Script"-Oren Klaff

Short Golden Nuggets for influencing:

Inception:The idea that one's own idea is worth more in the eyes of the individual(Implant it onto the other individual)

Status Alignment:He goes in to talk about power dynamics of social status and the importance of a equal grounding and notes 3 ways to achieve  it through a "tip off"

  • Industry Lingo

  • Recent action you have taken

  • A real situation that people care about within the industry

Building Certainty:Essentially he talks about flash roll which is where you basically display your domain of expertise.To build a good flash roll you'll need to locate a problem, then solve it conclusively.(x2 the speed without any passion, say it rather casually)

WIIFM and more!


WHY SHOULD I CARE? (What new threats and dangers are out there?)
WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? (How can I get a better-than-average reward?)
WHY YOU? (How can I trust you to give me a fair deal?)

From what I've read so far it has a lot of story telling of applied application and real world examples.I would rate it 7/10 so far.

OFF-TOPIC:I might update this later as I've only read half of the book so far.



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Thank you for sharing this Dre!

Klaff is one of the very few slightly more "mainstream" guys that while reading made me think "this guy does get power dynamics".

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