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Frame imposition: calling out people's bluff (example)

There is a side benefit of imposing your frame I hadn't thought of.

It calls out people's bluffs.

Look at this example:

frame domination dating text example

Her first message says "backs off from her, she's mine".
My reply says "back off from her, she's not yours (and can speak up for herself)".

The funny thing is that after that I would have stopped.
Unless the girl is obviously into it or they're nearing the end, I'm not into "stealing" or fighting for no girl.
Plus I thought that was it and there were no chances.
But I was against that attitude of taking a girl's phone and controlling her, and my first message was a de facto "dominant frame", rejecting his frame of mate guarding and opposing my own frame of freedom.

And that brought up a bluff I didn't expect.
It wasn't a guy, but a female friend. Probably an alpha female friend or she wouldn't be texting on her name.

The same can happen when someone is challenging you, but they don't really have the strength to back it up.
Or when someone is trying to coax you into something. And instead of arguing you impose your frame that there is no way you will do what they're asking. Then, suddenly, they may come clean and admit their ulterior motive.

Power + Warmth Trumps Dominance Alone

But the most interesting thing of this exchange:

Notice the huge change that text set in motion.

One single text and a couple of supportive ones later changed the frame from "stay away from her, I'm defending her" to "this is how you can meet her, I'm helping you two meet".

Now, why was this one such a good answer?
It's because that text message showed strength together with positive values.

Some dominant and abusive men do get women.
But the powerful man who's not abusive will always be superior.

A great example of why power+warmth trumps crude dominance without warmth.

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Maxim Levinsky
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

You lucked that one out bro. But how do you do dates without speaking the same language?