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(From Series Chicago Med) Changing Your Power Behaviour is Possible

This is from a TV show so it may not be the most realistic.
However, I think it depicts changing your power behaviour to get the outcome that you want is possible.

The doctor, Dr Reese, has some paranoia problems and is treating her paranoia by treating prisoners.

At the first, she is quite submissive in her demeanour and allows the prisoner to scare her.
The prisoner spots her hesitation, wavering tone with high-pitched inflection and lack of eye contact as submissiveness and takes advantage of that.
He barks at her, and she freaks out.

Afterwards, she switches to a professionally detached demeanour, ignores all the games of the prisoner and achieves the objective of diagnosing and prescribing the red medicine for the prisoner's condition.

She begins with an apology power move:

Dr Reese: I apologise for ending our session pre-maturely. (It's up to me whether to have this session and I can end it whenever I want)
If you don't mind, I would like to continue.

She always looks straight into the prisoner's eyes and keeps a calm, level tone.
Then, remains unflinched with the prisoner scare tactics.

Prisoner: (tries to scare her with quick sudden movement)

Dr Reese: (takes her time and pauses)
May we proceed? (are you done with your games?)

Prisoner: (barks)

Dr Reese: (rolls her eyes)
I'm here to help you but I can't do that if you keep barking at me.
(Collaborative frame, WIIFT with a calm assertive tone)

Prisoner: (stops)

Dr Reese: (asks the relevant medical questions for diagnosis)

Prisoner: feels some kind of puke sometimes (follows her frame and answers her question)

Dr Reese: Okay, I can prescribe a medication for that.

This overlaps with the banker scene in Scarface in how emotional detachment is important in achieving social goals.
What she does better is establishing trust and focusing on the goal rather than going into a condescending attitude.