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General broad and quick responses to prepare for situations catching one off-guard

This post from Lucio describes strategies how to handle getting yelled at by someone in a power position.

While situations like these are very difficult in several ways he provided an immediate response that is easy to remember which could severly reduce the impact of being temporarily overwhelmed with such a situation.

For being yelled at by someone with power we can describe a good, broad and quick response being (emphasis is mine):

Quote from Lucio Buffalmano on November 29, 2020, 5:48 pm

This is why one good idea could be to just throw a quick comment in here, which would work like frame shocking:

Him: (shouting) how can you call a patient by his deseases, don't you have some respect for a human being?
You: That's very aggressive, I don't accept that


You: That's rude to yell at me like that

Something similar, short and quick with which you reject the tone of the communication, without addressing the content.

It's possible he keeps on yelling, and that you will not have a chance to add anything more.
It's OK, you've drawn your line in the sand already. And the more he yells, the more he confirms that he is being out of line.
You can shake your head while he keeps yelling, and you'll look far superior (covert power move, but it's a high-quality move in this situation).


Now for less aggressive but similar situations we could use the same response but toned down accordingly, or even state a single comment and simply move on:

You: That was rude of you to say. [continuing with what you were doing]


Another broad and quick responses to handle possibly challening situations I found on here:


Them: *directly saying or implying something nasty*

You: Why would you say that?


Though I am sure there are more great, broadly applicable responses to common challenging situations.

If you aware of more please share.


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I got scalped today at a work function by a sharp tongued lady.  I was thinking of saying Never boring with Jane around

.  Innocent but a little insinuation of her loving drama.

Or "look at Jane bringing the drama" bit more attacking

And then saying good talk and walking off.


BTW a less confrontational wording could be:

Why do you say that.  ....with a tone of genuine curiosity.  Gives them a chance to back down

Lucio gave another option in this thread

If the attack is in a group conversation the attacker has to change the topic to attack.

Just ignore what they said and carry on with the main topic.

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John's got a nice one here he found in PU and tested

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