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(SOLVED) Hi ! I Just paid for Power University but didn't receive any confirmation etc...

Hi Lucio,

I Paid for Power University, but didn't receive any email confirmation. I believe it could be because my Paypal account is with *********  but I lost access to that email... I want access to this email: *********.  Can you please check.

Payment details from paypal here;




Edit: personal information redacted.

Hello Surya,

All good, it's all fixed now and you have access.

And in case you didn't get it, this is the welcome email:


Hello Surya,

Congratulations on your choice.

You are about to take a huge leap forward in your self-development.

Of all the hundreds of courses I've taken, Power University is the deepest, most scientific, and most realistic to prepare you for life success.

It will get you real results.

There is only one caveat:

You need to commit to it.

The good news is that Power University is designed to be quick and easy.
All the knowledge is concentrated knowledge, accompanied by examples, and translated into practical life-strategies.

Of course, there is a limit to how much one can "concentrate". So you will also need to do your part in processing and applying the lessons.
I recommend proceeding with the modules in the laid-out order, and take as much time as needed -5 to 10 days per module is already a fast pace-.

Stick to it until the end and I promise you that you will see real improvements in your social skills and your personal power.

A warm welcome to you and here is to your continuous growth,

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