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The Course That The Top 1% Wants To Keep Secret

I started life as an underdog. 

Socially unaware, romantically mediocre, naive, and, of course, clueless about power dynamics.

And before learning about power and strategies, I did live the subpar life of the unsuccessful underdog.

How did a clueless guy, without mentors or help, master his life to the point where he could live it on his terms, exactly like he dreamed it?

I was a naive optimist.
The type of optimist that has NO skills and real-world awareness.
You know, the type that “things will turn out fine, because…. Why shouldn’t they”.

In life, naiveness and incompetence are the ingredients of disasters.
So, in hindsight, my life’s biggest failures were bound to happen.

This is the only time I shared the story.

I remember one December night, Christmas light adorning a snowy white Berlin.
It was beautiful and picturesque.
Not for me, though.
That night I was crouching on the floor, crying.
I was in a cramped-up back-room of a gay couple. That was all I could afford.
I was broke, jobless, alone, and desperate.
My search for employment amounted to a string of rejections.
Equally fruitless was my search for a partner. No surprise there, women don’t exactly lust after losers with a beaten dog face.

I remember a particularly difficult evening, after yet another job rejection.
I picked up the phone to call my parents. I wanted to talk to someone.
But I did not place that call. I just looked at the phone, and then put it back. I wasn’t sure I could make it without breaking down, and I didn’t want to bring that pain to my parents.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t so sure that I was going to find a way.
For the first time in my life, I could barely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking back, the worst time of my life was also the watershed moment that revolutionized my life.

A chess pawn casting a king piece shadow - strength and aspirations concept

I couldn’t understand it back then, but I do now.
Back then, I was still a baby.
It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’re naive, have poor mindsets, and are socially incompetent, you’re ineffective at life just like a kid is.

But as I scraped that barrel of despair, I also finally opened my eyes.
And that’s when I became a man.

If You’re Driven and Have Great Teachers, Change Happens Fast

Not that much time has passed, after all since that night.

Five years at the time of first drafting this copy.

But it feels like a lifetime ago.
A distant greyed-out memory of a me that doesn’t exist anymore.

Monstrous learning, countless adventures, more than a hundred notches, and a personal growth that transcended those notches as a measure of my worth, I am SO grateful for that downfall.

As a matter of fact, I am most grateful for my searing losses, the most bitter rejections, and the hardest times of my life.
They have been the best teachers.
Talking about “tough love” teachers :).

Since then, my life has been on a continuous upward climb.
Fueled by hard work and copious amounts of the best information I could find, it’s also been an effective upward climb.

And when my life became “good enough”, I didn’t stop.

Once I found the keys to personal power and success, I just sped faster.

I didn’t stop at my first job, at my first promotion, or at my first equity deal.
I went for creating the job of my dreams (which is what I’m doing now for you: student, researcher, and teacher of power and strategies).

I didn’t stop at my first friend, at my first cool friends, or at my first social circle.
I went for being able to make friends and develop social circles at will, whenever I was.

I didn’t stop at my first seductions, at my first attractive girlfriend, or at my first rotation of “come at my place” women.
I went for being able to meet and get together with the women I liked, whenever I was.

When you master the social arts, you can walk in any place in the world as a stranger and quickly build social networks as you please.
That allows you total freedom of choice. For friends, partner(s), job, and location.

That’s my story.
But I feel this might also be YOUR story.

Maybe you didn’t start as desperate as I was.

But if you are reading here, you also don’t want to settle for “good enough”.

You are also driven to live life on your terms.
To live life on your terms you only need to reach the top 10% in a few key areas of life.
And that’s very doable.

I started Power University so you can reach that op 10%, and live life on your own terms.

To do that, you will have to learn a set of new mindsets and skills.

Movies, school, self-help gurus…

They all tricked you in a big lie.

The lie that if you work hard, be honest & play by the rules…

…You’ll be rewarded.

Few people teach these skills.

Why not?
Because these are the top 1% mindsets, skills, and strategies.

The top 1% doesn’t teach it because, one, they’re busy living their good life.
And two, because the TOP 1% doesn’t want you to know about power.

They want you in the bottom 10%, not the top 10%.

If you remain ignorant, it’s less competition for them.
And it’s easier for them to use you, one-up you, and use you as a social peg for their social climbing.

The top 1 % would rather keep you ignorant of power dynamics

But if you are reading here, maybe you’re awakening to the truth.

Not only the standard path to success is untrue, it’s often counterproductive.

And that’s why despite doing all the things you’ve been told you should do, you haven’t been able to get the life you want (yet).

Those who don’t understand power dynamics are doomed to a below-average existence, far below their potential.
And that, to me, is the ultimate waste of life.

And that is why I create Power University.

THAT is why I created Power University

Because this isn’t just about power.
It’s about life
I got to work on Power University once it became clear to me that: 

  • I wasn’t the only one being held back in life
  • Most people unwittingly act low-power right when confidence matters most (work superiors, attractive mates, and people they admire)
  • Once you show driven men and women how success really works, they 10x their lives

What would life be like if you had the tools to gets all that you always wanted?

That’s what Power University gives you.
Power University gives you the tools to achieve the type of dream life that you want.

And Once you get the tools to succeed, you can live life on your terms. 
You can climb the corporate ladder, get the hot spouse, the big house, the Ferrari, and all of that.
Or you can disappear and do your own thing, as Lucio did.

But whatever you choose, that power of choice is life-transforming.

My goal is to build a billion-dollar business, and with the skills I learned in Power University, I’m making it a reality. Power University gave me the know-how to develop a network of angels and mentors, and you will hear of me soon :).

John S., CA

Do you think this sounds too good to be true?
Just read on.
Because as you will see in the end, I am guaranteeing you that you are going to change your life.

I know because I’ve been there.

I’ve seen my life grow from something I was really dissatisfied with to a living dream. And along the way, I’ve noticed this simple universal truth again and again:

Your ability to do well with people is the biggest factor for your success, as well as your life quality.

But it’s not the “social skills” that most courses teach.

Great social skills must include things such as frame control, manipulation, value-exchanges, Machiavellian strategies, and winning.

Believing anything else is not only naive, but selfish.
It’s selfish to expect that any top man or woman owes you anything, if you don’t also have top man or top woman value to offer.
And lacking those skills will only lead to more failure,

So now the question becomes:

How do you become that best possible option, acquire status, power, and make people want you to as a leader?

That’s what no other courses teach.
And those are the unique skills that you will learn in Power University.

The Dawn of Power University

That night crouched down on the floor something changed in me.

I flipped a switch, and decided that enough was enough.

I took massive action, coupled with massive studying.
Specifically, I started studying power, self-empowerment, and social success.
Eventually, there was less and less material for the type of success I wanted, and my research was more on more self-generated.
I started developing my own approach to social skills, including seduction, power dynamics, and the “darker” aspects of socialization, like manipulation and Machiavellian strategies.

And like Neo, I started to see the Matrix.

I got to a level of unconscious competence where everything started to come naturally.
I got to the point where I could see power dynamics on the fly, flip the scripts on shit-test, control frames, and then… Then I was able to acquire status in any group I entered, and to gain people’s respect and admiration.

It felt like a superpower.

That’s when I became what we call here a “high-flying eagle”.
The eagle is a high-quality individual with great mindsets and advanced life skills.
He’s free to move and roam anywhere he wants. He can make friends and meet partners anytime he wants, and swiftly avoids and value-takers because… Because he knows how to recognize and connect with the best of men and women.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I want you to become that high-flying eagle.

How would you feel if you knew you could gain status in any group, be liked, respected, and wanted by anyone?

Well, the great news is that you can do it too. Because it’s all learnable. And I put all the steps and skills into a coherent system.

That’s Power University.

Power University is amazing.
It already helps me to unnecessarily lower my power.
It gives me strength and clarity, and it keeps me from going back from my old shy and defensive behavior.


But what’s exactly Power University?

What’s Power University?

Power University is a 10 week, step-by-step program designed to give you the skills to acquire power, status, riches, and attractive partners.

You can go through PU on desktop, tablet, or mobile

And what’s exactly inside Power University?

Power University contains 8 modules + 2 bonus modules designed to take you from whatever level you’re at, to social mastery.
They go in order from the basics, to the most advanced levels.
And let me tell you: even experienced students are STUNNED at how much they gain from Power University’s “foundational” modules.

Here’s What You’re Getting With Power University

This module alone will put you ahead of 90% of your peers.

You will learn:

 Social exchanges: the foundational laws and dynamics that will make people want more of you

Foundational laws of power: the basics levers of life’s power and success

Foundational strategies of power: the habits, mindsets, and strategies that will make you 10x more successful

With this module you get your first big dose of what “social strategizing” and “social effectiveness” truly mean.

The lesson of assertiveness is a good example.

You probably heard a lot about “assertiveness” in life.
And for good reasons: it’s really crucial to social success.

This module teaches you assertiveness with real-life examples and quizzes.

But here comes the clincher: you will learn strategic assertiveness.

Because, you see, the way assertiveness is taught is about opening up, sharing your true thoughts and feelings, being honest… But that’s not always the best policy.

Here you will learn when NOT to be assertive.
When it best to be aggressive instead of assertive, and even when its best be submissive -yes, sometimes that can work, too-.
And when it’s best to deceive.

With this module, you really start becoming a social strategist.
The first step towards becoming a successful Machiavellian.

And all the other lessons are equally life-changing, if not more:

First impressions: the power dynamics of acing the perfect introduction

How to be assertive, powerful, and strategic

Covert power moves: learn to spot and address the power moves behind the fake friendliness that are undermining and disempowering you without you even realizing it

Social calibration: how to handle micro-aggressions, taunts, and everyday games people play to maintain and increase your status

Dominance showdowns: how to win when people try to dominate you, and things get heated

Feedback on covert and micro-aggression strategies:

a review from power university in the forum

This module teaches you how to become a high-quality, high-power, respect-worthy man / woman.

And at the end of it, you will be more powerful, more confident, and more socially successful.

Dominant behavior you need to use

Submissive behavior you need to avoid

Styles of dominance, pros & cons and what’s best for you

The best scientific strategies for long-term power and success

Practical steps, mindsets & exercises to make you confident & powerful (same results for my coaching clients at 90% discount)

It has helped me be quicker and retain my own dominance and power and I’ve already noticed differences in how people treat me (..) now I can [appropriately] fight back and it’s immensely rewarding!  Happy customer here.

Alexander, US, founder of Charismaticbusinessman.com

Frames are huge when it comes to life’s success.

And yet, there was so little good information about it… Until Power University finally came out.

This module teaches you all about frames:

A simple approach to read and understand frames

Proven techniques to control frames: 2 dedicated lessons to master frames

Quizzes to cement your newly acquired superpowers

Hurry up, the more you wait, the more you miss on your superpower:

Money is power. 

And if you’re moving within an established organization, to acquire money, you need to know how to play that game.

And no, it’s not all about results.

Did you know that CEOs make 312 times more than what an average worker does in the same company?

Is the CEO 312 times smarter, or 312 times better at any specific task?
Most likely not. 
The CEO is the CEO because he acts more like a leader, more like an alpha male / female, and because he displays what we term here the “exec skills”.
Such as, he acts like he’s worth a 7-digits salary.

You will learn those exec skills, together with politics, power dynamics, and career strategies.

Political skills self-assessment quiz: the areas you need to work on 

Step-by-Step plan for successful workplace politicking

 Realpolitik guide to management

 Winning workplace power battles

And some women’s specific lessons:

 Learning the rules of the male game: a practical guide for women

 How to Combine Power With Femininity

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so advanced when it comes to workplace success.


This module mixes the best science with plenty of personal experience.

It’s a unique opportunity to go straight to what actually works.

For men, this should be mandatory reading.
Like John says, women enjoy an unfair advantage in dating:

john's thoughs on why thepowermoves.com empowers readers

Here is just some of what you will learn:

 The real laws that govern intersexual dynamics

 Games both genders play

 Proven dating strategies to find the best partner you can find

 How to use dominance to get the girls you want

Customers swear this module is groundbreaking even for the more experienced folks:

All poor relationships are the result of toxic -but common- behaviors.

This module shows you what these behaviors are, and how to stop them, both in yourself and in your partner.

When you will learn relationship power dynamics you will be able to develop better and healthier relationships. 
Men who want to become (benevolent) relationship leaders will learn how here.

 How women control men & what men can do about it

 How power changes as relationships evolve

 How men seek to control women & what women can do about it

 How to end all games for the best relationship

 How men can be the best leader she’s ever had 

lion king and queen
This is exactly the picture that an ex-girlfriend of mine sent me as a good morning

Everything social builds toward leadership. 

The previous modules prepare you with the knowledge and skills to lead.

This module teaches you how to lead.

 Basic mindsets of leadership

 Management: how to lead at work

How to recognize toxic leaders

How to recognize toxic followers, and how to handle them

This lesson empowers you to become a leader wherever leadership is needed.
In life, in business, and even armed forces:

social power feedback

Power University is like learning to read again. But you learn to read people and social interactions. I realized how I sometimes act “too nice” with my team and lose influence. And how I unconsciously engaged in status climbing, making me a less than ideal leader. I am already fixing my behavior. Thanks to PU I became a better leader, and my team responds and performs better.

Frank S., UK

This module is for more advanced social challenges.

 How to handle daily but difficult social challenges

 How to deal with physical threats and physical escalations

 Recognizing and beating “shame attacks”

Says one student:

Value: 297, included in Power University

At this point, you’re wrapping up and leveling up.

3 more quizzes will further increase your emotional and social intelligence, and 22 micro case studies will take you to the next level of power and influence.

But Power University delivers one big cherry on the pie, and the last super-power for life-success: Machiavellianism.
Machiavellianism, and Machiavellian life strategies.

 How to be more Machiavellian: a field guide

 3 quizzes to increase your emotional intelligence 

 Nice guy VS bad boy case study

 22 brief “power techniques”, with real-life examples, to increase power, EI, and influence

Value: 397, but included in Power University

The best thing?

Power University is backed by thousands of books and studies, BUT…

It’s all about practical strategies and techniques:

It’s Not Learning, It’s Training

Most courses on the market are either people talking in front of a camera, or voice over slides.

I never believed in either of them.
Power University leverages all mediums, depending on what works best.

This course shows:

The end result is a course-training that develops within you the skills to excel in life.

  • Real-life video examples
  • Self-produced exclusive videos
  • Real-life texts breakdowns
  • Self-assessments
  • Case studies
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Infographics
  • Community-based real-life scenarios

And then…

More Bonuses

And there is more.

To make Power University a real no-brainer we have rolled all the best wisdom for life success into one single product.

These bonus ebooks condense the knowledge of the best books and researches in a compact, easy to consume size. So you get 4 bonuses that have 3 years of learning in each and are valued at €1.004 altogether.
So, you can put the time and money you’ll save toward those holidays you deserve -or whatever gift you want to make yourself-.

Together with the course, they make the most complete package to become a high-quality person.

social power bonuses

 Wealth Guide (49 value)

Is the metasummary of all personal finance books and “get rich literature”.
You will get all the knowledge from the best personal finance books in one hour.
It’s only available with Power University.

 Pussy Power – dating guide (24 value)

Is an overview of the dating literature for women. Tens of books condensed into one. Plus you get all the poor but common advice that you better avoid, highlighted and correct by me.

 Relationship Guide (29 value)

Again, the best books and researches are condensed here.
If you are looking to improve your relationship, this is the ebook that packs the most wisdom in the shortest time.

 Texting Guide (9 value)

Texting guide for men, where you can simply copy and paste the most effective texts to maximize the odds of getting dates. Based on psychology and thousands of texts, this is what works to go from meeting to date in the most reliable way possible.


A last meta-summary as a surprise.

 Unlimited Access to Subscribers’ Only Forum (199 value)

Full access to the advanced, subscribers-only area in the forum.
It includes extensive exercises to improve fundamentals such as voice, and posture.
And many real-life case studies to learn power dynamics in dating, socialization. One case study on spotting, and handling, and managing a bad social-climbing leader is one of my favorite threads of the whole forum.

  Lifetime access

Once you’re in the program, it’s yours forever.
But here is the difference with most other courses: Power University IS constantly upgrading.
The community in the forum constantly comes up with new strategies, and the author never stops learning and studying.
But once you join, you get access to all future updates and bonuses, no matter how much the price will increase.

Add the ebooks, the unlimited access, and the two bonuses lessons, and you get and you get a total of €1.004 in bonuses all included in Power University.

That’s the bonuses only.

For the actual course value, well…

It’s difficult to put a dollar’s value on invaluable life skills.

But to put things in perspective:

How Much Is It Worth To Finally Be Able to Acquire Power, Status & Attractive Partners?

We’ve never done much coaching here.

But for those who insisted on 1:1, our private coaching started at 6.000 to provide just a fraction of the value that’s in Power University.

Was our coaching program way, way more valuable than 6,000?
Hell yes!

But not everyone can afford that.

And that’s why we distilled everything -and more- we could ever teach in person into Power University.
And now you can get all the benefits of coaching for just 797!

That’s 90% off what you would have to invest to cover a fraction of what’s now in Power university.
And it comes with a daily step-by-step system, a community of people to answer any questions you have, plus neverending instant access to any future bonuses we add to Power University.

And it isn’t all yet.

Because people were asking for it…

We now offer Power University at the lowest possible monthly installment. You can try it out and gest started for just 97!

Yep, you read that right.
That’s just 97 to unlock the entirety of Power University.

And there is more…


Emphatically YES.

Power University tells you exactly how to come across as more confident, socially powerful, and more assertive.
If you want, even more dominant.

I know this from personal experience and, if you decide to join, from your fellow Power University students.

It’s been life-changing to me.

And it’s been truly transformative to many students.

If it will also be for you depends more on you, than on the content.

My question is: are you going to commit to it?

Because this is the most advanced course on power, advanced social skills, and life strategies for personal success.
So if you’re going to through the course after you join it, then Power University provides you with the best material you can find.

It’s designed to be instantly useful to beginners and advanced students alike.
You should see results that get you excited after the first days already.

That’s the closest thing to a magic wand you could possibly get.

And If not….

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The articles here are great, but…

It would take you a year to go through all of them, and there is no system or order.

Power University instead lays out a system specifically designed to develop a successful, high-quality man / woman.

Power University also focuses on the fundamentals.
And when it comes to fundamentals, Power University goes more in-depth than any other article or video.

The lessons in PU also provide more examples and more practical strategies.
Including more examples and strategies that I couldn’t write in public (and that’s often the really good stuff).

That way, as a Power University alumni, you get an edge even on those who read every single article and watch every single video.

In short:

If you found any of the articles, videos, or forum topics helpful, then chances are that Power University is 10x more effective.


And if you ask that, we are kindred souls.

The Power Moves doesn’t do philosophy.

This is a practical website, with practical strategies for practical life wins -ascetics might not be the best fit 😊-

Some time ago we started a thread in the forum and shared examples of how mastery of Power Dynamics delivers real-life results.
We got job opportunities, dates, sexual partners, and even some sweet life revenge (not saying you must necessarily aspire for the same).

Not only you’ll be more powerful and successful, but the skills you acquire will repay the cost of the course many times over.

Here are just SOME of the things you will be able to do:

 Enter any group of people, and quickly acquire status and power

 Command attention and respect every time you speak

 Consistently make high-power first impressions so that people will remember you over everyone else they met

 Connect with older, successful mentors and make them eager to help you get to their level

 Learn how to plot and find the best winning strategy, like a true Machiavellian, no matter the situation

Even if you feel like today you’re far from your goal that you can’t even see it, Power University will take you step-by-step each leg of the journey.

In a sense, women benefit from coaching on power far more than men do.

For women, it’s more difficult to combine power with social success, dating success, and general likability -including from other women-.

Gaining knowledge of dating and relationship games and power dynamics will also enable women to choose better partners, and to hold the partners to a higher standard.

Permission to be frank?

I can smell naiveness with this question.

But OK, maybe you’re not interested in power.


Are you interested in not being taken advantage of?

Are you interested in being respected as a human being?
And knowing what to do in case someone is not willing to extend you that basic courtesy?

And maybe… You’re also interested in achieving certain goals?

Or simply having positive, win-win relationships?

Then you’re interested in power and social strategies, my friend.

See what a student who had the same doubts said after joining PU:

power university FAQ
A public comment taken from the forum


You can get started with as little as 97!


The monthly plan is there to help everyone enjoy the benefits of Power University.
I believe the world is a better place if more people have this knowledge.

And theoretically, you are entering an agreement to pay the full price.

BUT, I’m not a fan of coercion.
My favorite approach is pull, making people want to stick to PU, and not “push”.
And I don’t believe in wasting my time in legal battles.

So the plan is a gentleman’s agreement.

I might not think very highly of those who choose the monthly payments with the plan of canceling, but… It’s up to you.

So, long story short, you can cancel.
You can cancel on your end, or by emailing/calling us.

Send us an email within 30 days from your purchase, and you get your money back.

That simple.

There is only a €9 administrative fee to repay Lucio of his time and to incentivize people to read the basic information beforehand.

If you are on a subscription plan, you can get a refund on your latest charge, and no administrative fee applies.
You get all the money back from your latest charge.

And for everyone: you don’t need to prove anything to get your money back.

For ever.

And that’s huge with Power University because it constantly updates.

You know as they say… It’s the #1 in any field that always works the hardest.
That’s Power University when it comes to power, social skills, and success strategies: we work the hardest to provide you (and ourselves 🙂 with the best tools.

My Guarantee To You

I know this for a fact:

Mastering power dynamics will make you more successful in all areas of life because it contains the mindsets, skills, and strategies that the top 1% use.

It doesn’t matter if…

  • You’re short or bald or too thin.. (because I am all of them!)
  • You are naturally submissive and afraid
  • You’re from a race or ethnicity that puts you at a disadvantage
  • You’re getting older (as if we all weren’t anyway.. )

You are going to make a huge leap.

And I’m so sure that I’m guaranteeing this program.
The “Power Guarantee” guarantees that you can only win here:

Power Guarantee

I’m so confident that this course will improve your life that we offer the unbeatable power guarantee:

Try it out for a whole 30 days, and if you are not becoming a higher quality, happier, more effective person, get your money back (minus a €9 processing fee). 

Thanks to years of research, my life experience, and hundreds of students’ feedback, I know that this is the most advanced, most effective self-development course available.

The good news is that hundreds of students say that Power University is (already) best-in-class.

But since power dynamics is not just my job but my life passion and life-goal, I still consider Power University a work in progress.

Not for long though.

You have the chance to act now, and get it at the best value because, at some point, the price is going to go up towards the 2.000 range.
That’s closer to its real value, which means a lot higher.

Act now, and get it at the best value.

Just click the button:

The next step is on you.

Are you going to take action, or let this opportunity pass you by?

All I can say is: life is short.
But if you live it to your full potential, it’s enough.

Power University helps you reach your full potential.

don't wait for power
* Price will increase to $2.000 soon

Total Value: $6.997

Your Price797 or 97

Click the button below, and you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page.

It takes 60 seconds, and you’ll be automatically, immediately enrolled.

And watch as your life improves day by day, in ways you’ve never imagined before.

power university logo



Find out where you stand, and what you need to work on.





  • Power awareness quiz: score your current ability to understand and influence relationship power dynamics
  • Mind control quiz: manipulation in intimate relationships is particularly dangerous. Are you able to spot manipulation within intimate relationships?

Social Strategies Quizzes:

Social Savvy Quizzes:


  • Power-tolerance Test: Where do you fall in the "power tolerance" continuum? At the extremes, it's problematic when you resent power and authority (rebel-types), or when you need power and authority to structure your life


  • Daily exercises for self-empowerment: each module has step-by-step exercise to ingrain in yourself the habits and mindsets of the top 1%


Express checkout, 60 seconds to join:

These are just SOME reviews and testimonials:

The lessons on frame control and video examples have opened my mind. I can come up with frame control techniques on the fly

- Anthony R.

Power University is amazing. It already helps me to unnecessarily lower my power. It gives me strength and clarity, and keeps me from going back to my shy and defensive behavior

- Kevin S.

I've never seen before something so complete, deep, and versatile in one program. And It works. In a few weeks I’ve increased my social intelligence by many folds.

- Ang

I discovered that I was sending lots of submissive signals (...) and giving my power away. And if I'm unconsciously communicating that I don't deserve respect, why should other people bother. (...) A necessary wake-up call for me, and now I can correct course. (...) I highly recommend this course.

- Leon

Public Reviews

These are public reviews.

You can check them for yourself by following the links.

Keep in mind the course was previously called "Social Power", so some reviews reference "Social Power" instead of "Power University", but they're the same thing (actually, "Power University" is far better as it's gone through several updates).

  • Acquire real-life frame control superpowers

See this public review here.

  • You will gain an edge in life

And the sooner you start, the better:

a customer review of the power university course

You can see this review here (plus my answer).

  • You will see results in your real life
Power University success story

You can see this thread here.

Note: John actually came up with the strategy that he applied himself, putting together different pieces of information, so all the credit to him. 
I then added that strategy to Power University (thanks, John!).

  • One of the best investments for personal wealth

As somebody who's starting to come to the end of a carer I can say (...) this is literally the best investment you could make

Read this comment here.

That's talking from a career perspective (there is a whole module on career strategies and power dynamics). 
The little money you're paying now, will likely turn into 10x more income and success during your career.

  • Social ju-jitsu techniques take your social skills to advanced level
a review from power university in the forum

I was blown away by this concept. It completely changed my way of interacting with people, for real.

This was a case study on handling micro-aggressions and covert aggressions, which together account for probably 90% of all aggressions you'll go through in your life.
Now, thanks to John's initial question and feedback, it's a lesson in the "advanced social skills" module.

You can see this review here.

  • You will get rid of submissivness and become more assertive

What I learnt in the course is gonna extend to a lifetime ahead of me. It really helped me in terms of asserting myself. I can not describe my gratitude for this knowledge of power.

You can read this review here.

  • Astounding developments await you

No one graduates from Power University without astounding developments

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  • It's so good you will get hooked

You can read this one here.

  • Two lessons of Power University better than a whole course on Udemy:

I got more value from two lessons in Lucio's course than I got from the entire Udemy course.

You can read that one here.

  • Helps you turn over a new leaf:

I am finally seeing results and a light at the end of the tunnel.

You can read this review here.

  • Using Power University's lessons to ace casting jobs:

You can see the review here.

  • One of the best investments you can do on yourself:
power university public review

One of my best investments

You can see that forum comment here.

  • Entrepreneurs learn to develop better businesses
a review of power university

(PU) has helped me immensely in multiple business situations as an entrepreneur

This is part of a question in the customer-only area of the forum. Only Power University students can access that private area.

Email Reviews

Some of the email feedback:

  • So good you wanna keep it secret
a student feedback on power university

For me this course is too valuable to ever let it have search history

My answer: don't worry about others studying the same. First of all, this website is niche enough that you will most likely not meet anyone else who has taken this advanced type of training. And two, most people are too lazy to train themselves to elite levels.

So, yeah... That's your chance, guys:

  • Groundbreaking: there's no comparison on the market

It's the first time I'm hearing about most of this stuff, even though I bought dozens of other courses and had a mentor for a year. The course is worth much, much more.


Eye-opener (...) the subtle and hidden power moves totally mind-blowing (...) I feel so lucky (...) Thank you for teaching me the most valuable currency in life


what a customer says about power university

Since then the course has improved 5x



customer review of power university by lucio buffalmano


power university review from a customer

Mind-blowing stuff. I'm getting a ton out of it.

Yeah, it's a life-changing course, but full access is a different product. On the other hand, Power University covers all the basics, so you might not need the full website access.


It's by far the best self-help I've ever come across

Note: the course was previously called "Social Power", that's why the subject line


email snapshot of a review for power university

I'm blown away by the value of your course. I'm not even at chapter 2 yet.


an email feedback for power university



The Power University is literally changing my life (...) each small thing I learn about social dynamics makes me realize how oblivious I was. More than one person came to tell me that I'm different somehow, for the better. This was, by far, the best investment.

And if you're interested in competing products, take a look at this thread:

Or go straight to what's been proven to work:

Customer Service

The people enrolling in Power University are actively improving their lives.

And I feel like we are kindred souls. 
People who want more for themselves and their lives, and take concrete steps to have it.

And without them, this website wouldn't exist.
I always prioritize customers above anything else:

That was one of the first customers. And since then, the customer experience has only improved

Those Who Didn't Vibe With It...

ThePowerMoves.com is not your typical business.

To begin with, it prioritizes product over marketing (there still isn't even a video or a teaser to advertise Power University).

Another way ThePowerMoves.com is different is by being far more open as to what happens behind the curtains.

So I'm including here the feedback of those who didn't vibe with Power University.
It's rare, but anything can happen. 

This alumni was looking for something shorter:

Power University can be a life-changer... If you are willing to spend some effort

I immediately refunded P, no questions asked.
P was not a good fit for the course, and I knew it.
Power University is not good if you're looking for a quick fix.

Granted, this is condensed wisdom.
As condensed as it can be. 
And for those who want more, there are links to more quizzes, tests, and strategies.
But it still requires some effort on your side.

Also not for you if...

This happens rarely.

Most people who enter Power University are smart and driven self-starters.

But maybe 1% of users can be:

  1. Digitally unaware: There are no instructions on how to save your password, or how to log-in. The course takes for granted users know the digital basics.
  2. Unaware of social-exchange rules: Power University is a course to go through at your own pace, it doesn't automatically give unlimited access to the author of the course.
  3. Lazy: All information on pricing, access, and duration is provided and it's up to the alumni to look it up.

See an example here:

example of alumni rejected from power university

As long as I run this website on my own, that type of behavior is a drain on my time.
And I value my time.
But to me, it's also a question of business fairness (see "social exchange" lesson in the course).

This 1% of difficult customers is robbing time not just from me, but from everyone else.
The time I'd spend on them is time I cannot spend supporting the 99% of people who are eager and ready to upgrade their lives.

And I do not let that happen.
So I usually refund the time-draining customers very quickly.

This does not concern you

If you are reading here before purchasing, this is not your issue (that 1% has barely read the price tag, let alone if they read the reviews :).

Onboarding is easy, and you will start upgrading your life within 5 minutes. 

And if you still have some technical issues, know that I am very happy to support and help fix any possible issue.
The 1% is extreme cases of time-sinks who blatantly ignore all provided information and write/call countless times. But technical issues, honest mistakes, or any type of lapses are always welcome.

When Female Power Was Lacking

Power University constantly improves its curriculum.

The last major update was thanks to a customer called Kristina.
Kristina thought Power University was too male-centric:

I am extremely grateful for Kristina's feedback. 
This is what she went on to say:

Kristina had a great point.
There was no such resource to teach women how to strategically handle power and success while still remaining likable and feminine.

That's exactly what this website is about, after all: smart social strategies for life success.

Since then and for 5 months I did nothing but research women and power.
All of my quarantine 13-hours workdays also all went into this project.
So I got the books she suggested. And many more. I delved into the research literature for women and power, and women in the workplace. 
I recalled all instances of powerful women I've met, and I scoured movies and YouTube for real-life examples.

The literature was great, full of wisdom to help driven women to be successful.
And I condensed all that knowledge into a few lessons that are tailored for for women only. One addressing the mindsets, one addressing career strategies, and one on how to combine power and femininity.
All with practical examples and videos.
Now Power University is the best course on the market for women who seek to combine personal success with social success.

So if you're a woman, this might be for you:

And I will end with another public review. 
This is what Alexander, an early student of Power University, says of the people he has learned from:

You can see that review here.

Disclosure: All video reviews are based on real reviews. Some students though want to remain anynonymous. So for some of the videos I hired speakers to read the reviews aloud.
In some cases I might have reworded or reassembled words in a way that makes more sense, while preserving the meaning. For example, turning a private email such as "your course is" into "Power University is". These changes left the original meaning intact.
Also, some reviews are from very early versions of the course. The reviewers loved it, and the course still improved 10x.

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