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Feminine, High-Class Expressions For Sex

I have met a few ladies in my life whose beautiful, unique... Even poetic choice of words stuck with me forever.

As a matter of fact, their choice of words actually made me like them even more and made me respect them even more.

Here are three of them which will help women come across as higher quality women:

Her: Are you never tired

Talking about erections, of course.

What a lovely expression.
"You're always horny" sounds almost accusatory.
"Are you always hard" is great when you want to dial up the heat.

But nothing beats "are you never tired" when you want to go classy. 
Say it while you hold his private part, and you get an explosive mix of class and sexual mischief.

And of course, this works even better when he's not getting it up!
"Are you tired" saves his face just like Dale Carnegie recommends and sounds so much better than... Pretty much anything else!

Her: Look how much happiness

LOL, this was simply genius.

Referring to vaginal lubrication. 
She put my hand on her cheek and came up with that memorable expression.

God, I miss that lady :).

Her: Now take me as hard as you can

We were at our last leg of the following combination:

  • from top to from behind to her on top to me on top again 

And she wanted to finish off with a bang.

And at that point, there is nothing wrong with "fuck me as hard as you can". As a matter of fact, it's a powerful, primally carnal wonderful expression.

But when you want to go classy, nothing beats "take me".

And while I forgot a lot of "harder", "faster" and "fuck me", I will never forget that "take me".

Which also reminiscent of the touchingly beautiful "Wind of Change":

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night

Yep, I miss that woman too 🙂

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