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How Power-Intelligence Helped You in Life (Concrete Examples)

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Loved the frame control all through sub-communication, and the guy who got it and starteed vibing was the sign you did it well.

The "typo" was also a great way to call the error while making it easier for them to change it and save face.
If they do it once again, then assertiveness may be the way to go -and it will be even more justified since you've already given the benefit of the doubt, and twice the mistake on the most important part of the contract is quite unlikely-.

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Quote from Transitioned on February 11, 2023, 11:50 pm

I keep posting here coz I assume @aliscarlett is keeping these in his back pocket for WIIFMs on the TPM site.    I'm thinking some kind of content rotator but you know far better than me. @aliscarlett is that the case?

Hey Transitioned,

I think the post is great.

That client was up to no good and I enjoyed reading how you handled it—especially how you framed their manipulation/dishonesty as a "miscommunication" to make your point while helping them save face, a classy move, in my opinion :).

On the purposes of this thread, yeah, it's supposed to share results for TPM visitors to see the WIIFTs to join the courses here.

It's part of why, while your case study was a great example of how one can learn to handle tricky situations with some PU training, it might've been an even better fit if it shared the final results of the exchange. Since the case is still in play (and you request suggestions at the end of the post), it comes across as "still up in the air if the PU training really worked or not" to me.

But, I think it's still good enough to keep here—and especially so with Lucio's post above that highlights how great your approach was to the situation.

Thank you for sharing, Transitioned, and looking forward to reading more of your case studies :).

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Got out of another traffic ticket using the TPM approach

This is my second traffic ticket. I was going 75 in a 55 mph zone.

As I was driving, I noticed a cop and slowed down quickly, but not fast enough. She peels out of her hiding spot, turns on her lights, and I pull over immediately.

When she approached my window, I raised both hands to say "hi" to which she smiled and greeted me warmly.

She said I was going 72 (and it looked like she might've known I was actually going faster).

I apologized and made no excuse, instead saying, "I didn't even notice [I was going that fast]," implying that I would've slowed down if I'd noticed I was accelerating.

She replied, "Yeah, I get it, it's a long strip [easy to accelerate unknowingly]." (Things were looking good here already.)

She asked for my license and registration. But, I handed her my license and proof of insurance on accident.

Rather than let me get the right paperwork for her, she says it's all good and says she'll just look up the car (which is more effort for her, and told me things were already looking in my favor).

She comes back from her vehicle, hands me a simple warning, and I get off scot-free.

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Nice, Ali!

I'm just wondering/worrying if this superpower may not put you at a slightly higher road risk for speeding now :).

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How Saving Face for a Rival Positioned him as a Process Monkey

I have a procurement guy on my major project I'm managing who is strangely oppositional.   This attitude is stupid on his part because I would be happy to do all the work and give him all the credit if it made the procurement process faster (its overrun by a month on the schedule).

He was presenting the end result at our Big Bosses meeting.  So because he's a jerk I 'book ended' him to lessen the impact of his presentation.  He asked the Big Bosses to endorse the decision on which Vendor to go with.  Problem was I had already obtained their approval in writing and forwarded him the emails.  I had to jump in otherwise they'd think I wasn't keeping my own team looped.

I said "Sorry Nitish, I know you've been bombarded with Vendor emails over the last few days, you might not have caught up.  The Big Bosses did kindly approve our recommendation and I forwarded you the emails."

So I am the good guy for 'saving face' and he's the guy who doesn't read important emails.

Next I jumped onto the chat with the most impatient Big Boss and said: Sorry today's session was a bit old news.  TBH I would have preferred to focus on getting a good deal from the vendor but I like to defer to keep the RFP moving.   I think Procurement are really good at running through the process.  And they just like to do that 'set piece' at the end so thank you for your patience."

Big Boss said "That's OK I've been on a few RFP"

As always with any Big Boss they love to communicate in cryptic grunts for the wiggle room.  But I'm interpreting that as he's agreeing its annoying behaviour but normal.  So I'm taking it as a win.

Procurement are notorious Divas in this company always big noting themselves.  Now I've positioned them as process and next time can manage them and I'm just 'optimising the process'.  Stitch-up in progress.

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