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How Power-Intelligence Helped You in Life (Concrete Examples)

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yea. When you read about it here  dispassionately as a casual observer it just sounds like common sense.  But as the saying goes common sense isn't so common.  Just that ability to detach, step back and think it through while under fire is huge.  My friend and I are contractors so losing confidence of the biz can have high and immediate personal  impact.

This was an opportunity to turn a crisis into a win.   The MO of this particular vendor is to get close to the business for the upsell and try and frame themselves as running  the project.  For example at workshops with the business they kept pushing me for the ability to create meeting invites.  Sounds innocent enough but not with these guys.   They would then have one on ones with the business and try and cut myself and the business analyst out of the process.  Which would be very bad for the project we are there for a reason.  So every time they brought it up I have said that they can concentrate on some of the bigger things and we're happy to support them with some of that administrative detail, i.e. organise the meetings.

The outcome was I got together with the business manager and drafted a forthright but not over the top email to the vendor saying we were not OK and why and which direction they needed to go and asked for their recommendations to get back on track.   I then spoke to that and the plan at the PMs meeting in front of my boss and the change manager so that shark wouldn't start circling.  So vendor smacked, biz onboard and barbarians held at the bridge. Another  day in project land.

So, I implemented my own networking strategy to connect with her best friend of over 10 years (we'll call her "J") who also works with her in her company.


  • Persuaded J to get on a Zoom call with me
  • Persuaded J to convince L to open up communications to me
  • Persuaded L to rejoin my network

So, now, not only are L and I back to being contacts in each others' networks and good friends again, L mentioned that J was excited to talk about me. So much so, that L was also happy to talk to me again.

Now, that's a result you could only get from some good PU training :).

This morning, I accepted an invitation to work with the United Nations to advance an initiative that helps more people — because of L.


@01ascarlett awesome work there! this is worldclass networking performance. It makes me want to read your book!


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Ali Scarlett

Made 400-500 $, got rid of a manipulator

This lady already served as an example of achieving goals with social strategies in PU.

Here's another good example:

*Transference = transfer

She said that the money is on its way.

And I answer matter of factly, ignoring the biggest information of the message -that the money was coming-.

In truth, I was livid at her audacity -she was late, ignored messages and deadlines, already knew she was supposed to move out, and I knew she was a poor guest-.

How did power awareness made me $$$ and helped me get rid of her, here?

Because it helped me foresee her manipulation and strategize accordingly:

I knew that there was an 80% chance there was no money coming.


If I had fallen for it and validated that BS, then she would have transferred it.

Please note that getting angry at her belated transfer would also validate her story.
It would have confirmed that there was money coming.

Then as soon as I got angry and sub-communicated I fell for it, then she would have transferred immediately and either played some delayed game waiting for the money to reach my account, or send me the proof of (delayed) transfer to "force" me to keep her there (or waste my time in an unneeded escalation, plus sending the money back to her, which I'm sure she would have made it difficult to stay longer)/

By maintaining my frame instead her manipulation never had the chance to even start.


I never heard from her again, she moved out at the end of the month, I got rid of a bad person, and earned some $$$ to boot.

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