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How Power-Intelligence Helped You in Life (Concrete Examples)

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yea. When you read about it here  dispassionately as a casual observer it just sounds like common sense.  But as the saying goes common sense isn't so common.  Just that ability to detach, step back and think it through while under fire is huge.  My friend and I are contractors so losing confidence of the biz can have high and immediate personal  impact.

This was an opportunity to turn a crisis into a win.   The MO of this particular vendor is to get close to the business for the upsell and try and frame themselves as running  the project.  For example at workshops with the business they kept pushing me for the ability to create meeting invites.  Sounds innocent enough but not with these guys.   They would then have one on ones with the business and try and cut myself and the business analyst out of the process.  Which would be very bad for the project we are there for a reason.  So every time they brought it up I have said that they can concentrate on some of the bigger things and we're happy to support them with some of that administrative detail, i.e. organise the meetings.

The outcome was I got together with the business manager and drafted a forthright but not over the top email to the vendor saying we were not OK and why and which direction they needed to go and asked for their recommendations to get back on track.   I then spoke to that and the plan at the PMs meeting in front of my boss and the change manager so that shark wouldn't start circling.  So vendor smacked, biz onboard and barbarians held at the bridge. Another  day in project land.

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