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How to use frame stealing to be more charming

Here's an example:


Interviewer: [to RDJ] "Do you feel like the Godfather of these superhero movies?"

Evans: [chimes in with a smile while covering RDJ's mouth] "Whether he feels it or not he is."

Evans: (frame stealing) "And, you know, he's going to say something really like, humble and simple and be like, 'Oh, no, it would have happened anyway.' (leaves compliment as lasting impression) This wouldn't have happened without Downey and nobody doesn't know that."

In a sense, Chris Evans took away (stole) Downey's ability to play the humble card here. He essentially frame blocked what Downey might usually say in order to make him take the compliment.

And, since charmers are known for building others up, I'd say it's a quite charming thing to do with friends you know have a knack for refusing to take compliments (say, Keanu Reeves). That is, so long as one doesn't overdo it.

Here's a relative thread on this opened by John: Frame control: Charisma on Command

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Yeah, an interesting case study.

Very up-pulling, and in a way, win-win, since he gets to talk and play the moderator, but while building up his friend.

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