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How to write amazing proposals that land clients

Referencing one of the playbooks from Earnable, this post comes from a PDF Ramit provided titled "How to write amazing proposals that land clients".  And, this is one of the major points that Ramit Sethi makes on writing persuasive proposals:

Mistake #1. They insult their prospect

I SWEAR THIS HAPPENS. I’ve had people say: “Your social media photos are atrocious, let me help.” Then I looked at his profile photo of him wearing a fedora (a big no-no in my book, and for that matter, the world’s).

Another said, “I’ve never bought from you, but here’s what you would need to get someone like me to buy.” Thanks, but I don’t take buying advice from non-buyers.

One person said, “Nice muscle mass, but can I help you with the bags under your eyes?” His avatar was a picture of a tomato. That may have been the worst pitch I’d ever seen in my life. Maybe in their mind they’re only trying to help, but they’d be out of their mind if they think they can guilt-trip their way into a sale.

Personally, I agree with this point as a general rule to follow. There are possibly some book reviews in the TPM Resources that go a bit deeper on this, but here's an email I received that breaks this rule many times over:

For starters, when I read that subject line, I was just going to delete this email. I had received some of his previous emails and could make an educated guess on what he was going for here without even opening it. But, I also wanted to analyze it.

I'm following the rule of assertive feedback-giving here by blocking out his name, but man, I don't want you guys ending up on his email list if this is how he treats people. Especially, since he sent me this email when hundreds of thousands had lost their jobs and were, in fact, going broke.

At the same time, I couldn't help but smile reading this. I thought about how this was still a mass email and how if someone like Lucio had gotten this email those value-taking comments couldn't have been further from the truth.

I didn't bother responding. I unsubscribed and moved on with my day. And, I'm glad I did.

P.S. J is the same one who helped this guy get more matches on Tinder that I told you all about.

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Lucio Buffalmano

I think there is an important consideration here to make:

  • Who are you writing to?

Owners, high-quality people, and high-power people who seek and demand proper and respectful behavior -three things that tend to overlap- are not very likely to appreciate that approach.

But that might work with some other personalities.
Albeit I still believe it's an overall poor strategy when you're emailing any large, general population, I'd be curious to know if that guy tested it out. He seems to be quite big into marketing.

Lastly, some people who get into tutoring others need that boost for themselves, and that aggressive approach might be overcompensation from personal insecurities.
You know how it works: "I call you and others a cuck, so I can indirectly convince you and myself that I am not a cuck, and mannish enough".

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