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"I'm Biased" As A Way to Agree

I had a phone call with someone, proposed something and asked if it's fair.
He said "I'm biased. That's my favoured approach."

Me: I propose this. Do you think this is fair?

Him: I'm biased. This is my favoured approach.

I think it's a good way of affirming a deal that you think it's fair.

It can be used as a Machiavellian move when you know it's very good for you but not so good for the other.
However, in the above context, I personally thought it's fair and trusted the other person very much.
As such, it's a good way for each other to feel good about the proposal.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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Lucio BuffalmanoTransitioned

Yes, it's a good strategy indeed.

Feel free to share more details on that phone call if you wish to, including with whom.

Trust-Generating Philosopher Frame

It's a "philosopher frame", which increases trust and cooperation.

Business sharks who are after the bottom line don't usually go for philosopher's frames, so that sets him aside.

The guy is sub-communicates something like:

I'm less about the bottom line numbers, and more about a fair deal that works for both and leads to a better final result

If one has that mindset, then it's definitely a good idea to send that message.

He'd be doing a disservice to both himself and the other party if he didn't.

Avoids the "Too Quick" Effect

If someone quickly jumps in saying "yes, let's go for that", that might can leave the other party less satisfied.

If it's a negotiation, one might think: "was he expecting much less? Did I give too much of the pie?".

A super quick answer can also de-value one and, in extreme cases, even arise suspicions.

Even if there was nothing to be suspicious of, a quick and emphatic "yes" can lead someone to think "damn, was this guy desperately waiting for this to happen? Should I start thinking there might be something I don't know here?"

Improved structure

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