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Improving TPM forum search

As of today, the forum search will bring a list of threads that contain a keyword.

Because threads can be long (as posters write well-thought-out pieces, and there are no shitposters whatsoever), it's very hard to find the keyword inside the thread.

Example: I was searching for 'copywriting'. The forum returned 2 threads, one has 17 posts. It took me 2-3 min to find the first occurrence of the word, and that's because I knew the thread from before. This was the thread and post.

The search failed to bring up this thread on PU sales page.

The forum is really valuable and I'd love to be able to access all its goodness with search. Not sure @lucio can do much about this because that's the domain of the forum software makers, right?

As an alternative, you can use google/DDG with . This works better often.

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Hello LoF,

Yeah, this question has come up before and Matthew proposed different ways of organizing information.

That will probably come in the future and I was thinking of also combining the very best of the forum and turning it into some sort of "community best of".

In the meanwhile, I was thinking to suggest Google Boolean operators when I first started reading your post. But obviously, a digitally advanced guy such as yourself knew about that :).

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