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Know one's dark side

Hello Lucio!

Can you suggest the best book for working with your unconcious mind? Your guilty, difficult feelings etc?

I really love your work!

Hey mate, how are you, it's been a while!

Yeah, I'd be curious to find such a book myself.
It might as well be the greatest book that hasn't been written yet.

Only until recently much of the intervention on the unconscious mind was dominated by Freud and its disciples, which was quiet unscientific (and darker than it needed to be).

Something that comes to mind along those lines:

  • The Laws of Human Nature: one of my favorite self-help books, largely based on psychology and coming to grips with our dark side
  • Will I Ever Be Good Enough: to deal with perfectionism and self-destructive behavior when they stem from a lack of parental love
  • Letting Go: I gave one star because the "vibration energy" stuff marketed as science pissed me off, but I should change it. The central idea deserves more. And the central idea is very simple, yet effective: sitting down with yourself, meditating and breathing out the pain and anger
  • The Power of Now: quite transcendental. Tolle's meditation is about having no thoughts in your mind, and reaching unison with everything around you. It repeats itself a lot, but get the audiobook as his voice is very soothing. You can even use it as background for meditation
  • Personal Power II: Tony Robbins combines some methods that have been around for millennia and that only now positive psychology is finally catching up to. Plus he adds NLP and mixes psychology with some solid advice from self-help. He combines all of them in one single audio file, plus uplifting stories which can help you get in a positive mood, and exercises all along the way. He talks quite a bit on overcoming past pains through reframing

If anyone else has any good books, I'd be happy to check them out.

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I heard in audio most of "The laws of human nature". I was thinking more of a book with exercises in order to discover my guilt, anger etc. Which one from the above books you mentioned do you think will help me better use my dark side?

I found yesterday this app from the Veterans Association for anger management . It has a lot of different tools for anger management. One can rate the tools (deep breathing, thought stopping,time out etc) each time he uses them, so he could know which tool works. I'll let you know the results.

P.s: Your work is one of my best investments

I see.

Yeah, that would be a game-changing book / app, but I'm not aware of any.

I've just finished reading Authentic Happiness though, it's one of the most essential books of Positive Psychology, and there is a ton of quizzes there. More focused on finding strengths and improving happiness and life satisfaction though. But the quizzes are also online and it might be worth taking a look at it:

That app you mention sounds great, super hands-on and the rating helps you sort and remember for effectiveness. Do let us know how it turns out.


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