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Learner Mindset

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Hello guys,

Here are a few videos about the Learner Mindset. I edited and collected them a few years ago. I value them a lot. I'm sharing them with you. Enjoy! Note: the learner mindset is the only anti-fragile mindset I know of.

Learner Mindset 1

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Learner Mindset 2

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Way too underrated threat.

Perfect videos, short and to the point to one of the most important mindsets around.

John, was that first video taken from Tom's course?

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Community, new content and Confidence University moved here.

The first video is a clip I edited from one of his conferences on Youtube. I'll post more.

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Fantastic and inspiring! A powerful example of breaking from perceived destiny to fuel further growth. Letting go and humbling yourself lets you open up to lessons from others, from seeming coincidences and from the universe/your version of a higher power (if you believe in that). Life is a constant learning experience, and that's what makes it fun 🙂

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Learner mindset 3

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Learner Mindset 4

Especially for @astronomically

It seems I cannot insert videos anymore?


Self-quote from another post:

"Being baited by knowledge = weakness of the learner identity?"

No, I was wrong. So far, I still think the learner is truly an anti-fragile identity. This is true, as long as one lives long enough to learn and adapt from one's mistakes. There is always a period of pain which is the adaptation itself. But after that, you learn.


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Since you guys like this. Here is an important idea about the learner mindset that is difficult (in my opinion) to grasp:

You must rejoice in finding out you're wrong. 

The logic is simple (I believe): to learn you must know what you don't know. You must also forget what you knew and is not useful anymore.

Therefore, you must be happy when you're wrong because it means that you learned. Therefore, the learner is looking for places where he/she is wrong so he/she can learn. 

This idea comes from Tom Bilyeu. It's simple but it is quite difficult to change one's mindset. That is also why I like so much Tom's ideas: they're anchored in reality. It's a reality-based philosophy and that's why it's so effective (I think). I'm sorry if it sounds preachy. I hope it does not. However, I'm happy to share this idea with you.

And yes, it's anti-fragile. The more you don't know the more you learn. So people pointing out to you that you're wrong are actually helping you. Some people get this and they will prevent the learner to learn by depriving him/her from feed-back. But at some point, if you are thirsty to learn, people cannot help but teach you something. We are designed like this as social creatures. If you listen, people will speak.


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Cristiano Ronaldo likes the learner mindset


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