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Learner Mindset

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Very useful. Most self-development articles only tell you what is right and what is wrong. These video gives some detailed instructions on how to slowly train myself to adopt a new mindset.

Brief summary on "how to":

  1. Open up. Don't push back. don’t argue.
  2. Write a list of 10 powerful positive words and repeat those positive words in mind. i.e.
    1. human are wired to adapt and mutually grow
    2. I am learner
    3. I learn fast; I am willing to work more; I am willing to read more books;
    4. I am willing to put in a huge amount of time improving everyday by simply getting new ideas into my system
  3. Don't use "I am strong" or similar "I am" statements because they are usually fragile. Use "I will" and reinforce potential.
  4. Say these out loud. Tell other people the kind of person I am trying to become
  5. Repeat

It is especially interesting that he thinks the most common positive self-talks (that I learned before) is useless: the "I am" statements are fragile.

I'd start to try his style of potential-based "I will" statements and see how things will change.

I am willing to invest a huge amount of time on improving myself.

What's your thought on the "training" part?

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The most useful statement is “I can” as it focuses on potential.

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Hello everyone,

a very important step to acquire this mindset is to cultivate it.

In order to do so, each time I think: “I’m smarter than this guy”, “I’m going to show them…”

Basically, any fixed mindset statement, I go:

“I’m the learner, I’m the learner, I’m the learner, etc.”

You want to counter any fixed mindset/ego-based mindset with a growth mindset. It’s still ego based. However it’s based on potential rather than current state, hence focusing on change/transformation.

You value yourself for your willingness to change and grow.


I'm advertising this article for the PU students:

Growth mindset power dynamics

One of your best articles from my perspective, along with the "enlightened self-interest". This will help me get to the next level: thank you very much!


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Lucio Buffalmano

New mindset:

Failure is Education

I stumbled randomly on this one this morning, which rings with my current experience.

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