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New PU Sales Page (feedback?)

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Thank you again, Ali!

Great stuff and what you say makes a lot of sense -as always-.

I'm thinking that "leader" is good to have in there for 2 reasons:

  1. Relevance: albeit all 3 -charismatic, charming, and leader- apply to a course like PU, I think that leader is probably the most befitting. Because one can remain a low-energy introvert (less associated with "charismatic") and be a "no BS type", super direct-talking man (less associated with "charming" which includes more power protecting and warmth) and still naturally tend to move up the hierarchy as he becomes a power-aware, higher value man. Plus, people want him as a leader as he also becomes high-quality and "straight"
  2. Universal keyword for selling self-development: it's such a strong and large construct that draws in so many people and potentially interested folks. Many of the professional and business folks who can pay for the course may be less interested in charming/charismatic and a lot more interested in "leader"


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