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Opinions on Andrew Tate?

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Thanks Ali for the videos. To me, the last two were very informative.

Also found this one which seems illustrative for his character.

I think if you only see him on popular videos like the PBD one, he seems like an articulate guy on a mission(also PBD doesn't challenge him seriously which I find disappointing).

I think it's similar to what Lucio was saying about the appeal on cynics in an article which I don't remember now.

Thanks all for the critical analysis folks :).



Hello Bluesky,

here is my perspective and experience: I click on the video in the link above. And I stopped at 14 seconds into the video because I could not stand the lying/self-aggrandizing. I mean: I'm speechless. Here is the exerpt:

"...I found this little... webcam thing. And I was like: this might be some money. I text ALL my girlfriends. I think it's 5 of them. You're all coming to live with me and working with me. None of them knew about each other."

I mean: what is true in this? I don't know and that's the problem. It's a nice story, I won't deny it. However, it sounds like when I tell a joke to my friend. Sometimes when I tell a joke to my friends, I preface it with: "True story." to add a joke in the joke. It feels like this.

I watched the short video about his "War Room". I mean: come on! The War Room? Seriously? People really think Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are going to hang out at the "War Room" and they will connect?

He's a good scammer for sure. He gets a guy to spend $5000 on a chatroom with 75% of people in it being, well: let's say gullible people hoping to connect with high power high quality people. Then $3000 for a non-existent phone call? I mean I think that's enough information for me.

Also, who wears sunglasses inside a studio? This guy watched too many movies. He's so try hard it is cringe to watch.

Anyway, you see where I stand with this kind of character.

Argh. No more wasting time on this person. I'm out.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Hey guys, I've known about Andrew Tate since 2019. He built a small cult following on Twitter, a sub-niche in the more significant niche called "Money Twitter." Money twitter circles talk about online business models such as SMMA, Remote Sales, Airbnb, Crypto, Copywriting, etc. It consists of men and women who want to make more money, quit their 9-5, etc. Money Twitter folk have known about Tate since 2017, but he did not become mainstream until 2022.
I purchased some of his courses in 2019/2020 (before he blew up). One of the courses was called Network Brilliance, and he talked a lot about social accounting, social economics, and social dynamics (the same topics discussed in PU). I've also seen him use the frame strategies discussed in PU.
Yes, he is a loudmouth and provocative, but he is astute and follows many of the strategies mentioned in PU, which have allowed him to amass status and power.
Even if you do not like him (many people don't because of the media attack on him), I think anyone here can further learn about power dynamics and social dynamics by studying Tate.

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Interesting. So what did you learn from him?

In the course Network Brilliance, Tate reinforced aligning incentives and creating win-win relationships. He also talked about power-protecting and appearing high in power and high in warmth (different wording, of course, but the same message). He also tweeted about how at the highest levels of people, the relationships are win-win (I can't link it because his Twitter is banned).

Aside from that, he grew up in Luton, one of the worst areas in England. He became a world champion kickboxer, a multimillionaire, and owns several successful businesses. I picked up chess (I'm 1100 ELO now) and boxing (on my 4th month now) because of him. I think there's much more good to him than the media portrays.

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Lucio BuffalmanoJohn Freeman
Quote from Valentin on September 29, 2022, 12:47 am

He also tweeted about how at the highest levels of people, the relationships are win-win.

The thing is...

Is this true?

Not always.

Was Trump's relationship with Cohen, or even Giuliani, win-win?

Doesn't seem so.
Both of them were used and thrown away.

And albeit Trump went too far with win-loses and we may argue that was part of his demise, tough to argue Trump didn't at least reach high levels -or stayed there for a while-.

Or was Giuliani's, another ruthless operator, relationship with his own supporting cast win-win?

It sounds good to tweet that, but "nice-sounding" content can be as bad as cynic one (naive self-help).

Ties back to my original point: the teacher may be lousy or may be not, up to you to decide, and up to you how much to care.
I believe it matters because lousy teachers who are into self-aggrandizement sell what sells best and what reflects best on them.

Even if ones disagrees with that, good content always loses against great content, and personally I've got yet to see a marketing fad or personal-branding guru with top-notch content.
In my experience, personal-branding-first self-help gurus often have "good" or "OK" watered-down content that sells best with most -or extreme content that sells with niches, but attract a large media attention-. In either case, it lacks nuance to get to the next level.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I looked at some of his courses about making money and dating.

Most of his ideas are presented on PU as well(in another format). However, PU paints a broader picture and also shows caveats(just like the Trump/Giuliani example above). He presents his ideas more as laws deduced from his personal experience, but with less critical thinking and close to no science.

He is a high power and entertaining guy so I can understand why he has a large following.

He had some ideas about dating that I haven't heard anywhere else:

1. The "ironclad" test if she is a high value woman.

After first having sex, make your attention drop to absolute zero.
It should be uncomfortable enough that she notices, but not enough to call you out on it.

For instance: Don't text the first day, then say you're busy, then ask to go for coffee but say you don't have any money so ask her to pay like 20 euros for your coffee and other BS.

She has to work to get you(Ex: double text), which is not something she normally needs to do. If she's willing to bend her behaviour for you, then she's high value. If she doesn't bend the rules for you, drop her because you are not valuable to her.

My commentary: I'm actually curious to try this now. I did this a couple of times involuntarily and the women 'failed' and I think they were not high value, so the test was correct.

However, I think there can be women who 'pass' the test but are not high value. They're in a position of weakness so they might try to do anything to get out of it. Once they get into a position of power, their mindset might shift and be mean.

2. The best way to date is using Instagram.

Because that's where women spend massive amounts of time.

Tate's saying you should have your IG setup with some good 10-15 photos that also create intrigue.("Who is this guy? Is he Russian mob?").

Then he says how to message on IG(basically message girls in your location and create intrigue 🙂 ).


My commentary: He had a massive IG following so I'm not sure how transferrable this is to the average guy. I don't really use IG so I can't tell if this is good advice.

I'm curious if a normal low-follower guy has an IG with high scoring PhotoFeeler photos from different places and doing different things, how well would texting work for him. Maybe someone else knows?

No kidding, a guy stopped me today asking if I was Andrew Tate -and seemed lost when I denied his intuition :)-.

And to stay on topic, let me add that I'm biased on this topic as I'm not too fond of a selling strategy based on fame and "courting attention at all costs".

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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