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@Power University Members:

Hey everyone, brand new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself.

I've been binge reading the posts/videos/articles since last night (hit the limit pretty early) and am interested in learning and applying these lessons, as well as actively participating down the road. Hence it makes sense to pull the trigger on Power U and start there.


While studying is great and I enjoy learning, I'm having trouble bridging the gap between theory and practice on a lot of these topics. I'd be interested to hear some of your acute experiences in what you used and how it benefited you (not to divulge lucio's paid content publicly, of course - I am a business owner and this is one of my worst fears.)

In addition, @Lucio if you read this and feel the desire to speak to someone on the fence, I'd like to hear more about your acute experiences as well. My skepticism is not rooted in you or content (quite the contrary), otherwise I wouldn't be making this post to inquire further, but rather to understand exactly how the time and energy investment could benefit my life with clear-cut evidence.

If it helps, based on my self-assessment I seem to err between "robotic" and "clueless" on the power intelligence quadrant. Of course, people are dynamic and there's plenty of evidence to demonstrate myself in the other areas, but generally speaking social and dating acumen did not come naturally to me and is something I've had to develop and want to continue to grow in, in addition to the larger concepts and dynamics touched on in this site.

Any and all responses are much appreciated ?

Hey BigFunnyBigMoney,

Moved this one in "products Q&A" as it was more of a question than an introduction.


To get the feedback of some members, you can follow the links in the "Power University reviews" page, several of those reviews are not private emails, but public posts on this forum.


The question partially invites me into doing sales, and I actively avoid doing direct sales for the products here.

What I can say is that PU is designed to be more practical, "condensed", and effective than the articles.

It has less overall, obviously, since the website now has a lot of articles.
But it has more of what matters the most: the basics.

Core articles on high-power behavior, assertiveness, manipulation, or the upcoming Machiavellianism article/lesson for example are more fleshed out in PU, with more material, self-assessments, real-life examples, and quizzes to help people understand these key areas.

For example, the article you're referencing on "Power Intelligence" is heavy in theory, and you don't get any of that in PU.
PU's goal is to increase Power Intelligence, not to discuss Power Intelligence as a construct.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

After Ali's observation, I realized I might have replied to this question too vaguely.

I guess that, to avoid coming across as salesy, I instead came across as very unconvincing :).

So to, to be clear, I believe that social skills / power dynamics are some of the most foundational and practical life skills (I add "power dynamics" besides "social skills" because many social skills resources forget that part).

As a matter of fact, I can't think of many other skills that have an equally large impact in terms of both general life success, and life satisfaction.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?