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Principles of socializing

Hello guys,

Taking some distance, I realize that there are a few principles (not rules) but some principles that help for socializing in a friends' group:

  • Bringing Fun
  • Providing Leadership
  • Listening
  • Inspiration/Uplift others
  • Defend against power moves/negative framing
  • Eagle-like behaviour
  • Be a good conversationalist (see Lucio's post on group conversation)
  • Don't talk about your problems: if people ask stay vague, hint at some challenges and move on or talk about the positive (AKA your life is great: everyone is playing this game, it's socially expected)
  • Basically it's all about bringing value and the most is bringing fun. When talking about your problems, you're basically taking value.

I would say that a good part of the game is have eagle-like behavior when being attacked so you can go higher. If you're being fun, listen and organize stuff, it's quite a good basis for good social interactions/circle.

Avoiding taking value is huge. It's very tempting. However, if you cave to the temptation, it's more difficult to climb back from there.

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Lucio BuffalmanoAli ScarlettJackTransitionedKavalierMats GBel

Awesome post, John.

I'm thinking this could potentially turn into a larger one-stop repository of "higher-level, foundational principles".

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John Freeman
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Sure! I see several people liked this post too, that's cool.

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