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Rise to Victory: No Holds Barred Improvement

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Ultimate Power - The Ultimate Mental Power Guide

I have read most of this book so far and I'm very happy and learning alot from it. It's internalising slowly in my mind and life.

I am posed with a few important questions here regarding different people in life, their mindsets, values and psychological factors here that pose a good learning study.

The desire for fame based on skillset/effectiveness

If someone were to have a desire for fame, and whether it's linked to ego and/or narcissism, and this desire for fame through being through the recognition of their skillset and effectiveness being the cause for that fame. And then using that fame as a platform to reach people and help others genuinely.

Is this really a healthy desire, and is it a logical desire, and is it also bringing down the quality of their life?

Firstly, there are two elements at work here. One, the desire for fame and acknowledgement through their skillset and effectiveness. This can be an ego-driven value and I think this is very clear. However, on the second point, this person genuinely wants to use their fame and platform and spotlight to reach others and help them as a "force for good", rather than just purely use it for the spotlight. And this person before the desire for fame already had been living their life in such a way to help people, so it's not the case of their desire to help people being an emotional cover-up for another form of "wanting to be seen doing good".

This persons internal definition of "success" and feeling of "success" can only be achieved if they are famous. I can think of a few names here. Without fame, they see themselves as not being successful since fame and being acknowledged is a requisite of "success" for them. But surely, this requisite of being "famous" drowns out alot of the passion, excitement and happiness in just doing what they love, because now they are involved in the power chase and marketing and all the work to become famous. The desire for fame and acknowledgement can also be like a poison where you are not happy and fulfilled until you've got the fame and big name. That is definitely not healthy and very outcome-dependent. And in the cases I'm thinking of, it's not making them improve at a faster rate, than it could be a good reason.

Secondly, since the desire for fame is ego, what if the person dropped the desire for fame and just went about having fun and getting better at what they do and working hard at it. Like most people without the desire for fame do. This would be more enjoyable and healthy.

Because surely, in the world, there are unknown beasts who are amazing at what they do but they are not well known. In some fields and markets, you are going to become famous if you are near the top, for example, in the UFC. Anyone who's really the best will eventually get media spotlight and be marketed and be on the biggest stages with the biggest crowds watching them and biggest articles and biggest youtube video views etc. But some fields or markets in life are not like that.

Finally, it seems like these people do have good hearts on top of it all, and this desire for fame seems to be a mix of values/proving themselves/motivating idea and much more, and they want to use this fame as a spotlight to reach people as a "force for good".

These are highly interesting questions that fascinate me.

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Lucio Buffalmano

All fair points, underdogexceptional.

A desire for fame in itself is generally frowned upon -including by some in the mental health community- and, we may say, for good reasons.

However, if one uses that platform to add value, then that may as well be the final judge, and all the rest dissolves.

Maybe one can say of fame what one can say of power in general: it amplifies who you are, and what you want to do.

And yes, if fame is important to one, fair game, why not, and one may decide to go about it by focusing on skills and personal interest in an area where becoming really good at it, also brings fame with it.

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