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Showing Acceptance Welcomes The Feeling Of Superiority?

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Advising an Italian on style.  As the quote goes ..I m a fool but not a damned fool.

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Damn, that feedback might just disappear with Jack then 🙂

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
Quote from Transitioned on July 21, 2021, 10:59 pm

My personal opinion is that it is very hard to be socially calibrated

That's a very interesting point.

From my point of view, that comes generally from a lack of awareness: of the situation you are in, of power dynamics, etc..

When I first started in the realm of power, I set a number of rules (Being an engineer as I was, and alien to this new realm) to develop my social skills. Kinda of 48 laws of power rules style, mainly based on Power taking.

It worked for an extend of course, yet at risk to destroy healthy relationships. Then, I came to this site, where I've learnt about a healthy balance of Power giving and Power taking. That would work better than the former in close relationships.

The next step was to calibrate, when to give away power when you have to take it back;  which constantly need learning and applying, experience and feedback.


Outside note: Lucio should start giving fashion lessons, the style is an inspiration.

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You make a good point. So far nothing but experience to get that feel.  Although with the advances in training technology I think TPM will change that one day soon.

I was focusing on the key attribute needed to be calibrated in your response in those crucial moments:

"My personal opinion is that it is very hard to be socially calibrated and personally powerful if you don't put in place techniques and habits to interrupt that initial emotional reaction."



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