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The best feedback to increase performance & personal power (The Culture Code)

I have just finished summarizing "The Culture Code", an overall good book on the culture of top performing team and a superb book on the importance of belonging for top performance teams.

One huge takeaway for people who want to master social skills was on how to give feedback.
One sentence, specifically.
And it was this one:

"I am giving you these comments because I have very high expectations and I know you can reach them"

That feedback led to so much higher performance that the researchers of Stanford, Yale, and Colombia dubbed it "magical feedback".

Excellent way of spurring high performance while still telling te harsh truth indeed.

The readers of this website, and especially the customers of Social Power, will recognize that the feedback is also powerful because it sets the feedback-giver as the judge.
And the receiver must now stretch himself to conform to the judge's expectations.

And what Coyle hasn't noticed in his book is that the feedback, in many ways, is also a power move :).

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