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The feminist manipulation: the intra-gender sexual war to eliminate feminine competitors

Feminists have one sworn enemy:

The patriarchy.

In theory.
In practice, that is only one side of the coin.
And probably accounts for less than 50%, actually.

The real problem of feminists is not men, it's other women.
More precisely, the real enemies of feminists are feminine women who don't buy into feminist theories

Why so?
Let me explain.

Feminist Hoax: Feign Prosociality, Promote Self-Interest

One of the mantras of feminism is that men oppress women.
And to rebel, women need to be "strong and independent".

Now, think about it.
Who is that advice actually helping?

Does it help women date better, and more successful?
No, it doesn't.

Does it help women be happier and more accomplished?
Only the ones who already agree with the feminists, and who don't need feminists to remind them.

Who does it help every single time?
The feminists themselves, of course.

Telling other women to be "strong and independent" helps the feminist advice-giver.

To begin with, it's good for the advice giver's dating opportunities.
If every woman were to follow the feminist advice, the dating market would improve for the feminist advice-giver.
A lot of strong women lowers the dating competition for the advice-giver and make it easier for herself to find a partner.

And if the advice-giver doesn't want to find a partner, which is what most of them say (and let's assume it's true 100% of the cases), it's still a win for her.
Because the more strong and single women there are in society, the smaller the social stigma against her.

Again, we go back to the fundamentals.
And the fundamentals of social manipulation is this:

Cloak your advice in a prosocial guise, and you can more forcefully and more effectively push your own self-serving agenda

In sum: stay away from anyone who claims to have your best interest in mind while telling you how you should behave.

Those who have your best interest in mind tell you how things work, so that you can decide for yourself what's best for you.
Anyone else is often just trying to bully or manipulate you to act in their interest.

The Proof, Is in The Anger

As a rule of thumb, people don't like what's generally unfair.
But they don't get too mad about it.

When is it the people really get mad?
When they aren't getting what they want.

Indeed, don't count on people to be too angry when you are not getting what you should be getting.

On average, feminists are women who are high in power.
They want the power, the career, the victory, and all of that.
Feminism is a war for power, on one side, and sexual success, on the other.

And that's all cool.
I also think they're right that society is stacked against women who want power.
It really is (partially).
And the "patriarchy" is not completely made up, either.

But that's not feminists' real problem.
The problem for feminists starts when they realize that winning at dating and winning in power hierarchies is difficult to reconcile (but still possible).

So instead of trying to combine the two, which takes skills and more work, they try to get their cake and eat it too.
And they do it by:

  • Recruit as many women as possible: the more women join them, the better for them
  • Shaming men in preferring more feminine women: the more men they can shame, the more they can shape the culture to better fit them

Feminism is mostly a war of self-interest, masked as a prosocial war for equality.
It also us all the ugly sides of social wars: "us VS them", dehumanization of Thems, ingroup favoritism (just read "Lean In"), etc. etc.

My advice on this?
Be honest with yourself, ask what you really want, and then learn how to get it.

And drop the weapons.
Wars are for suckers.


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