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The truth of the wage gap: men earn more because they NEED to earn more

The reason why the "wage gap" might exist, and why men occupy most of the board positions, is sometimes explained via sex discrimination.

And that might sometimes be certainly true.

But for all the discourse around "equality", "wage gaps" and "gender and power issues", one seems to be missing from the table.
It's the evolutionary psychology perspective.
And it might as well be the most important perspective when it comes to explaining the income and power gap.

Here it is, in a nutshell:

Men earn more because they need to earn more to attract women, and they need to exchange those disposable resources in the sexual market place, in order to secure a mate.

Don't worry, you don't need to look far to understand this point.
And you don't need to dig deep to find the evidence: it's all around you -and within you-.

Just ask any woman if they'd prefer dating, marrying, or having children with a man who earns more, or who earns less.

A few will answer they don't care.
Some of those few will be lying -to you or to themselves-. And some might even be honest.
But let's drop the outliers, and focus on the majority: and the vast majority of women want men who earn more.
And studies show that this is especially true for women with a high income.

In a way, women's own tastes and inner drives are the exact reasons why men still hold the most power.
If women didn't demand resources and power, men wouldn't have evolved to care about that stuff.

Say evolutionary psychologists Miller and Kanazawa:

Because of differential selective pressures that men and women faced throughout evolutionary history, men and women have evolved to possess different temperaments. Throughout evolutionary history, material resources and higher status were a man’s essential means to reproductive success, because women preferred to mate with resourceful men of high status.

It's funny how some women accuse men of wanting to keep resources away from women (which might be partially true), while the exact reason why men might do it, is because of women themselves.
The reason why some men might try to keep power away from women is this: if men were to give up all their power positions to women, men's dating options would disappear.

Men need to secure more resources.
Women don't.

I quote Kanazawa again:

In other words, men make more money because they want to; women make less money because they have better things to do than make money.

I agree. But, as you have noticed, I replaced "wanting" with "need".

And by the way, that's the same reason why men are generally more driven. And the same reason why you see more men in STEM fields, more men starting more businesses, more men taking more risks, and, as well, more men going more often to the gym.
They are all seeking to acquire power and resources that will increase their sexual market value, and that they can exchange in the sexual market place.

But in this day and age, the discourse is only focusing on the consequences of men's drive: the income and power differential at work.

So let's dig deeper on those consequences, shall we.

Dating Hypergamy & Demands for Equality at Work Are Mutually Exclusive

It's certainly fair of women to demand more access to power and resources.

And, in many ways, women are succeeding.
The wage gap is close to zero, women are well represented in a managerial role -albeit not yet in executive potions-, and are getting far more college degrees than men are.

The unintended consequence of that success is that it's creating some of the gender issues that we see today.

When women demand more power at work while also demanding even more powerful men for dating (aka: hypergamy), well... Those two demands naturally create difficulties and frictions on the sexual side, when it comes to dating and relationships.

In a way, women's demand are driving some men against a wall, while it also frustrates the dating lives of many women.
It's in this context that we see the growth of movements like The Red Pill, and the dating difficulties of successful career women.

What Should You Do?

So, where do we go from here?

First of all, absolutely, positively, most certainly avoid falling for a mindset of "gender war".

Avoid joining any movement which antagonizes other groups based on gender, race, nationalities, or any other useless groupings

My advice, as for anything else, is to seek the truth, go at the core of the issue.

And then to ignore most of the surface-level BS you hear most everywhere. Most sources discussing these issues are not only yapping nonsense, but actually contributing to creating bigger gender rifts.

For Men: Nod Along, But Respect Reality (You Should Have or Be More Than Her)

For men, when women and SJWs complain of the wage gap, I recommend not to antagonize.
Just nod along. Maybe drop a hint and say "yeah, it's a complex issue which also involves biological inner drives", but then move to more collaborative frames, for example by adding: "but you're right to demand what you want, and I like driven women, so totally, go for it ladies, cheers to you".
But then do focus on having more resources and power than those women... At least if you wanna date them :).
Then, once you are closer, or on 1:1, you might even discuss that issue more openly. But not publicly, it's too easy to frame you as the grinch and you'd lose dating opportunities.

For Women: Learn to Combine Power With Femininity 

My advice for women, if you are truly driven, is to learn how to combine power with femininity, lest you will lose options in the dating market.
And then either learn how to find even more powerful, dominant, and resourceful men, or to find a way to be happy in a female-led relationship.

And for women who don't care so much about personal success, the key is not to let you the current culture guilt-trip you into feeling like there is anything wrong with you (there is a lot of guilt-tripping in our culture).

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Everything true,as women have more they expect more therefore men have to acquire more until theoretically only 20% of men can qualify for the 'basic' instinct of mate choice for women.  The main problem here is to be in a relationship with a woman who hustles hard bcs there is no polarity and we need polarity for sexual attraction. Most of  high status women lack feminine energy and it just cant last if we’re both in a masculine role...There is a reason why top HQ women are single besides hypergamic standards..

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