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Trump handshake: why does he offer his palm up?

Hey Lucio, Why do you think that trump often offers a submissive handshake to other world leaders?

If you watch him and Putin or Trudeau, he often offers them a handshake with his palm up, allowing them to gain the upper hand.
Why would a man of his dominance do this?

When it comes to handshake, Trump has probably offered more material to body language experts than any other politicians in the world.

And he went extreme more than once.
But that also pushed some of his contenders to go extreme against him (scroll down for an example in alpha male handshake).

Do you have some videos of him shaking his hand with palm up?

I've seen some major power moves from Trump with Trudeau.
Not to mention Macron:

Little later Melania and Macron's wife turned back as if to offer some line of defense for Macron 

But even with Putin:

Trump cups Putin's hand, then adds a pat on his forearm, then adds a pat on his back (but on a press conference some time after, his behavior put him far down Putin)

But I haven't seen a palm up so far.

In any case, once people know that you're so high in power, or when they know that you're line is a tough negotiation and flexing military muscles, then you can allow yourself to be more conciliatory in person.
As a matter of fact, it can be a great move.
When you go all out power, people tend to rebel. Even if they have less power. Think of the idiomatic "cornered rat", which applies equally well to people.
Trump's mistake indeed is most often to go overboard with power over (ie.: forcing his hand) and aggression. Think of his relationship with the press. He wants the press to be kinder to him, but the more he attacks them, the more they'll write shit about him.

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Limp Handshake

Can a limp hand shake with my palms down be a counter move against a palms down handshake?

What do you think about it, AR?

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I won't lie,

I got this idea few years back, from a jason capital video I watched back then.

Where he said

"The higher status person would do a limp handshake to show his above the other person"... Or something along these lines.

Fast forward to the future.

This scene from the avengers, reminded me of Jason capitals advice.

At 1 min 30 sec of the video, it's Not exactly a limp Handshake by Howard stark, but the low effort shows that Howard stark is indifferent if the person's opinion thus reminded me of Jason capitals advice.

It can be used as if to say "I don't even want to put in effort to properly meet you".

But then again, why would you want to meet people you don't want to put in some effort to meet?

It can happen, sure, but those people also deserve basic human respect / decency, so I personally don't see much use for a limp handshake.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

To revisit a real life scenario,

There was an acquaintance back in school. He was one of the popular kids.

He would always use the limp handshake whereas I would do a proper firm handshake with him.

when I came across the JC video, I related to this one isolated event in life and it made me feel like this was a good move.

But I was wrong. Thank you for your eye opener. My goal is to be socially powerful and not an aggressive ignorant dick head.

However, can the limp Handshake be considered a covert power move?

Would calling out a limp handshake in a non chalant way be a good counter move to save my face when used against me?

Eg. Looking away, with a smirk and saying "you shake hands like a girl" and then just move on, not even checking for the guys reaction.

This is a good example of a limp handshake power move:

It's like Henry is saying "I'm just being polite out of obligation, but I don't want you around here".

Yes, it's a covert power move, which means it has its use cases (in the video it wasn't too bad), but it's only for limited situations.
Assertiveness and directness trump covert.

Oh, P.S., check here for feedback on mindsets/approaches to self-development.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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