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Trump VS Rapinoe Power Dynamics: How Trump Trapped Himself

There is a lot to learn from Trump on persuasion and manipulation.

But also a lot to learn on what NOT to do.

Trump created Rapinoe the enemy.
The day he said:

Trump: "She should win first before declining White House invitation"

Is the day Trump gave her power.

First of all, he gave importance to something nobody was giving much importance.
The football female world cup... Sure, important, but not that important.

Had Trump ignored everything coming out of the competition, few people would have noticed.

From the day Trump replied, he elevated her and her team to important political discourse.
And from then on, anything the obnoxious football player said, it became big news (and forced me to unfollow a few of the re-posters in my news feed ? ).

And second, Trump exposed himself to a serious upside risk.
If the team was going to win, then it was going to be:

Rapinoe: "alright, now we won... And fuck you and your invite".

And then it was going to carry even more weight.

Third, Trump put himself into a not win-lose proposition.
If they accepted the invite, he wasn't going to win.
It was just going to be "all right, all is normal here, no news".

But if they denied, he was going to lose big time, and be all over the news again as "Trump being spurned (again).

Talking about football... A huge own-goal by Trump.

The Nonsense of Female Football Being Paid Less

And this is from someone who can't stand all that commotion of female footballer being paid less, that's just kindergarten nonsense.

First of all, it's a huge entitlement mentality believing you got the "right" to something even though the market -ie., the people- obviously disagree.

And second, asking for more money without giving the same value back is typical freeloading mentality.

And third, you really gotta be ignorant of even the most basic -and logical- implications of supply and demand.

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