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Upgrading My Account

Hi Lucio,

I've been working through PU, but occasionally come across an article (such as Small Pond Syndrome) which I don't have access to since I need to "Upgrade my account".

Unfortunately, I haven't been able the find the area on the site where there is an option to upgrade my account, nor have I been able to find any answers by going through the forums.

(I don't think I'm the only person who's had this problem either... I had expected the "Upgrade" option to be in the "Store" section of site.  Perhaps adding that option to that area would help other people in the future who are also unsure of how to upgrade).

Would you be able to direct me to the area where I can upgrade my account?


- Kenneth

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Lucio Buffalmano

Hi Kenneth,

Yeah, full access and PU are two different products.
See my thoughts on whether you need both or not.

When you hit a page that tells you to upgrade, you should get the options right on that page. But if you're writing here, probably you didn't, so the subscription options can be found at the bottom of this page.

And great idea on putting the subscription options into the store, I had never thought about it, but it makes a lot of sense, thank you!

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Hey Kenneth,

It can be found under here:
Subscription Options

Update: oops, wrote this at the same time as Lucio.

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Thank-you both for the responses.  Much appreciated.