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Are Power University & subscriptions redundant? Do I need only one?

Congratulations on a high-quality course, Lucio!

I'm doing the first module and loving it so far.

Very original, thoughtful, and well-organized content.

Another thing I wanted to ask is whether the blog subscription is redundant if we bought the course later on.

How does this work?

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Hello V!

Awesome, I'm glad you're finding values, and there is much more empowering and practical information as you go to the next modules.

To answer your question:

Power University VS Subscription

Power University orders all the most important information and presents in a more structured, sequential order.

  • Power University deals with core skills, more deeply. The articles deal with lots more topics

In terms of general quantity, there is be more in all the articles, of course.
That's because Power University is built around the core principles of power dynamics, self-empowerment, and success with and through people.
Power University is meant to be quick enough for people to go through within a reasonable time frame.

The articles also touch on aspects that I consider less crucial.
For example, in the dating section of Power University, you will find the most important dating strategies. but you will not find the "most typical mistakes women commit" or "how to handle cockblockers" for men.
Because, albeit important, I don't consider those two as core information to do well in dating (they're more like off-shoots and consequences).

  • Power University lessons are unique, the articles not necessarily

I also choose what goes in Power University depending on how unique the point of view I can provide is.

For example, the femininity in Power University is discussed in terms of how to combine it with power and personal success, but not as a stand-alone.
That's because I think that there is lots of information on femininity but virtually no good information on how to mixing power and femininity.
So the biggest bang for the buck was with the latter, not the former. And that's why there is an article on how to be feminine, but not a lesson in Power University.

Power University Provides More Around the Core Principles

But in Power University there is more around what I deemed to be "core principles".

That's for a few reasons:

  1. It was only fair that I gave something more to the paying customers (articles are free up to 9 a month)
  2. Some of the examples and stories I use there couldn't be  published publicly, for one reason or another
  3. Some articles on core concepts -frame, for example- would have been too long for an article-. But since they are core concepts, I do flash them out better in the course

And finally, there are a few added benefits and bells and whistles like quizzes and tests.

Subscription VS Power University: The Book Reviews

As mentioned, the subscriptions give you more volume.

But there is also one more aspect that the subscription adds.

Power University leverages many of the books that I also review here.
But it doesn't go into detail of those books.
It only uses the portion of those books that are relevant to power dynamics and practical life strategies.

With the subscription, on top of the articles not covered in PU, you also get access to the book summaries and reviews.
But if you're looking for applicable information, in my opinion, the full reviews are less needed. In some of those reviews I go into more academic-type of nitpicking that you don't necessarily need.

In Short

  • If you are short on time, go for Power University only: the subscription is a "nice to have", but not strictly needed
  • If you have time and/or want to get the most on everything related to strategies, people skills, and power, then  consider both

And a few more cases:

  • If you're more interested in book reviews go for subscription only: if you are not necessarily interested in how to leverage the books for strategies and personal empowerment, go for the subscription
  • If you are interested in dating only, go for Dating Power Dynamics only: that's ebook is an expanded version of the dating module
  • If you are interested in the mental side of personal power, go for "Ultimate Power" only: that's a short and to the point compilation of the best that is available from psychology and good self-help authors (I don't write it as someone who's reached any great level of mental mastery, but as a student, compiling the best information)



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