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Hello + Updates (What I'm Doing, Where & Why)

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I don’t know if you already did: it think it would be great if you link to your blog from here when you write a new blog post. I’m going to read your blog as there are quite thought provoking topics already!

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Thank you for the notes, John!

Quote from John Freeman on September 10, 2022, 12:44 pm

I don’t know if you already did: it think it would be great if you link to your blog from here when you write a new blog post. I’m going to read your blog as there are quite thought provoking topics already!

Yeah, there's a reason why so far I decided to keep the two separated, and in brief it's:

  • TPM is "what's true", blog is opinions: funny enough, it's exactly like that blog article on good scientists being unknown and low power because they put science first. If you want to do good work that works in the real world, then your personality must take a step back to the work. Work that also isn't necessarily the founder's work, but:
  • TPM is community/multi-author, blog is Lucio: I prefer to have TPM more as multi-author and community based, and grow it in that direction, rather than being just the "founder's work", which is far more limiting. So in that sense, it's best to keep the blog out of it.
    • Neutral VS subjective/political: the separation also serves to avoid possible personality contamination where someone may like or dislike TPM based on a single individual personality. And since the blog will contain plenty of political -and politically incorrect- takes, it's best to keep it separated from TPM
  • TPM is "practical", blog is "food for thoughts": TPM's work on self-development is more for what's useful in real life.
    TPM provides tools that people can and will use to take action and get better results. The blog is more random thoughts, and albeit it may help change some mindsets, it also deals with issues that I -or many of the readers- will not prioritize to change or influence. And when you discuss topics that you are not going to change, in a way, that's bound to be "mental masturbation"
  • TPM is timeless, blog may include events: the work on power dynamics and social strategies is evergreen, while the blog may include various events

Finally, sharing new articles feels to me a bit too "plugging and pushing", as in "here's what I wrote, can you please read it" :).
And I generally prefer a "pull" approach. Such as, if someone wants to read, it's there, and if not, they don't need to see it on TPM, a place with a different mission.

So, as briefly as I could, that's why I prefer to keep the two apart.

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Quick updates:

Back in EU now, and finished the PU 8.2 upgrade.

The next update will be a whole read-through + adding all the many notes I've taken + some new lessons (incluiding "how to be an alpha male" with more examples and "politically incorrect" but effective advice).

Focusing Now: Reviews & Marketing

Now I'll focus on:

  • Publishing reviews of best books/courses I've gone through in the last months. There are some great upcoming ones including:
    • Leadership BS
    • Corruptible
    • Good Strategy Bad Strategy
  • Marketing. I believe it's been a while that PU is a best in class, but without equally good marketing. I've just srtarted B-School by Marie Forleo, got Alex Hormozi's book, and probably will also take his course right after Forleo.
    Looking to find some great stuff with practical things I can implement.

Learning Now:

  • The Power Broker - Robert Moses (audiobook): some great wisdom that justifies a review, but don't recommend reading the full thing because it's way too long
  • Various sourcebooks (ebooks) such as "handbook of research methods in social and personality psychology" (so so), both for learning's sake and to increase TPM's authority profile a with the corresponding reviews


  • Marketing studies and reviews as previously mentioned
  • The Status Game
  • Make Every Man Want You More
  • Henry Kissinger biograph(ies)
  • ...

And a lot more.

Upcoming Projects

  • Business University (re-)launch, with Ali's new lessons
  • Sales & customer care: right now TPM minimizes contact as much as possible. It's a bit of a "old school Ferrari model & attitude" as in "our product is the best, the buyers better be good enough for it, or don't bother".
    As part of better marketing, I'm thinking to do the opposite and make it easier for people and prospects to write

And one of the longer-term bigger projects I'm thinking over:

PU In Video Format

The vision I'm pondering right now is:

  • Video formats to introduce lessons and provide 70% of the wisdom
  • Current mixed format of writing, video examples, quizzes, pictures, etc. etc. for those who want more

The videos introduce the longer mixed format lessons to provide a quicker overview and summary, and to help people decide whether they need to drill down more, or skip to the next lesson.

The videos also allow those who are truly short on time to come out of PU as more effective men and women, and get 70% of the wisdom, in 30% of the time.

I may have to book a studio for the video with me speaking, but I'll also use slides and pictures (I'll also learn how other premium courses do it).

Some of those videos may also serve as marketing material and/or for the sales page.

I'm thinking it'd be cool to have it for the 10th version.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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