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Hello + Updates (What I'm Doing, Where & Why)

Yeah, the quizzes on it work well. You can also set them to no grade, which works well for my stuff. I've put up some self-assessment checklists and you can attach documents to download as well. It's also possible to put up pure text posts rather instead of video lessons in it. As far as a total package goes, I don't think there's anything better overall, but I'm obviously biased.

Based on the stats that I've seen from the inside, about 30% of viewers use a computer while about 70% use the app instead. I've used it as well for other courses and for my own as a quality check, it works well but it's not mindblowing.

For me the biggest thing is that there are no glaring errors or missing pieces. They may not individually be as excellent as software that specializes in X, Y, or Z, but it's very competent and strong across the board. Built in affiliate system as well for your readers who want that, so that's a bonus. It's much better than going through scummy affiliate aggregator sites.

Self-hosting is definitely, as you said, the best way to maintain control. But if you ever get curious what us dum-dums live like, it won't take me even a minute to make you an admin login so you can see all the toys and tools inside.

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Quick update from my side:


Been here almost two months, but still need the spell checker to write it properly :).

I remember making fun of an ex-GF originally from Kazakhstan, joking that I couldn't remember what God-forgotten "-stan" place she was from.
Of course, even if all in friendly jest, it was still a power move that self-frame me as... Well, you should know how it works if you're reading here :).

And now here I am :).

Some interesting experiences in socialization and dating.
A rather peculiar dating marketplace, added to my first-hand experiences to draw from.

And a couple of interesting power-dynamics case studies I might add to PU.

Website Update: Up (Products) & Downs (Sales)

It's been 2 weeks now since the website update.

I'm still working on many things at the same time, but so far:

The technical side went quite smoothly.
And the course is significantly better.

That's wonderful.

So a much better product, but... Very poor performance on sales.

I hoped that the installment format was going to increase sales/income.
But that wasn't the case: it's been a major drop.

I'm still in the dark as to the main culprit.

There have been several changes, including theme / style, sales page, price, checkout page, and checkout process (including no more guest checkouts).

So it's not easy to pinpoint the issue.

Price increase might seem the most obvious from the outside, but I'm not convinced yet.
Previous price changes had little effect on sales.
Now it's been a bigger increase of course, but the monthly installments also offer to start at a lower price than before.

So I'm not going to change the price until I first try something else.

These are the moments that make me grateful that I kept recurring costs low: no rush, no panic, keep cool :).

What's Next: PU Upgrade, Sales

As a consequence of the above:

Sales troubleshooting has been the unexpected stinker added to my priority lists.

And then PU upgrade, which was instead planned.

Since a big chunk of the troubleshooting is more project management of other people's development, I can in parallel upgrade PU.

The rest of the roadmap, I wrote it here.

What I'm Reading

I went through a few books and even a course that didn't warrant a stand-alone review.

But I added them to the reviews list.

And then:

Karting: All of My Life, Where Have You Been

I tried go-karting and oh man... I found what I was truly born for 😀

And by that I don't mean "born for" in the sense of being good, but in totally loving it.

My friend/opponent brought a go-pro and I added some (strategy-related) comments:

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