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Your stress management and emotional detachment techniques for better relationships

The Forever - Relationship Guide recommends men control their anger with the following breath technique:

Lucio: "Breathing and counting to 10."

I think that's great. It's one of the first techniques I learned when I first started meditating.

Another one that I picked up from 16Personalities that has been working for me for months is "Breathing to Reduce Stress: The 4–7–8 Method":

16Personalities: “Fight or Flight,” a phrase often used to describe our body’s reaction to stress, is a remnant of our human ancestors’ will to survive. Anyone who’s ever been alone in a house at night and heard an unfamiliar noise is aware of this concept. During such events, people stop breathing for just a second – they tense up, and their heart begins to race. The hair on their arms and necks stands on end and, in an instant, they’re as alert as any of their ancestors were when listening for wild animals in the bushes.

Today, we’ve transferred these same “fight or flight” reactions to things that aren’t necessarily life-threatening but are stressful just the same. We may have this physical response, for example, when we see an unexpected email from our supervisor or receive a call from an ex that catches us off guard and causes us to feel panicked. These modern stress triggers can also have significant physical effects on the human body.

Two of the most noticeable – and easily adjusted – physical reactions to stress are shortness of breath and shallow breathing. When Protagonists find themselves feeling particularly stressed out, one intervention that can help them decrease stress and become more relaxed is the 4–7–8 breathing method. This technique is easy to do anywhere and great “first aid” for when stress levels are especially high. The four simple steps are as follows:

  • Breath in through the nose to the count of four.
  • Hold the breath to the count of seven.
  • Exhale through the mouth, making a soft “whooshing” sound, to the count of eight.
  • Repeat this process three times.

This isn’t a comprehensive solution to completely ridding themselves of stress, but it does allow Protagonists to relax, regain control of their physical bodies, and release some of the stress they’ve been feeling. Sometimes something as simple as breathing calmly is enough to bring a sense of peace during a particularly stressful moment.

I use this before every meditation session to settle in and relax and, for me, it really works. Strongly recommend it.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Nice one Ali,

I used to do 7-Eleven breathing and swapped it out for your technique.

I use it anytime during my day when the hamster goes into overdrive and I'm thinking about something more than I should my rule is I do the breathing interrupt and then take action on something.

If I'm really stewing on something which generally I shouldn't be I go and do some vigorous exercise and then meditate



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