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In Go Pro (2013) Eric Worre teaches readers how to become a successful networking marketing professional. Thanks to its step-by-step guide and the author’s in-depth expertise, Go Pro is considered the Bible of network marketing.

Bullet Summary

  • Network marketer is a dream job
  • It takes effort, time and commitment
  • Never stop learning, but most of all never stop applying it

Go Pro Book Summary

About The Author: Erico Worre is an American author and self-made man. He is a proponent of network marketing and teaches people how to be successful at it.
Note: I’m not a big proponent of network marketing (read review).


Eric Worre says being a network marketer is an amazing job. It can actually be a dream job. But as for anything else, you must put in the work.

The Three Levels of Network Marketer

He says there are three levels of network marketer:

  • Poser: want quick profit without time and effort investment
  • Amateurs: they have some talent and will, but lack total commitment
  • Pros: total commitment and drive to becoming the best they can possibly be

The 7 Skills

There are 7 skills to network marketing.

1. Finding Prospects

Professionals approach

  1. Write down everyone you know
  2. Write down everyone they know
  3. Add 1-2 persons a day
  4. Network with your recruitment goals in mind

2. Inviting

Think like a farmer more than like a hunter. Build trust and relationships: educate more than sell. Invite them to a presentation or to a seminar.
And invite your prospects in a way that’s easy to replicate so that you can invite a large number of people.

Eric Worre also has a few power moves tips to be used for phone and face to face invites:

  1. Be in a hurry – people are attracted to those who have lots going on
  2. Compliment 
  3. Make the invitation
  4. If I, would you? – ask if they’d try the product if you gave them one
  5. Confirmation #1 – ask when they think they will try it
  6. Confirmation #2 – confirm commitment “. So if i call you at X, you tried it, right?
  7. Confirmation #3 – schedule the follow up
  8. Get off the phone – close the conversation

This is the formula that will make you successful.

3. Present Your Product

It’s never about you, it’s about the presentation. Here are four steps to a captivating story:

  1. your story
  2. what you didn’t like about your story
  3. how your product / company rescued you
  4. your results and feelings

A quick win is to simply model your presentation on the successful people in your upline.

4. Follow Up

Eric Worre says the only reason for an exposure is to set up the next one. It takes an average of 4-6 exposures for people to join, but can take more than 10. So be patient… But persistent.

Some people won’t believe enough in themselves or in network marketing. Be empathic: explain without getting defensive.
The author proposes you use the feel, felt, found strategy.

5. Sign’Em Up

Assume they will join, reassure them you will be there to help and always have the documents ready.
Here are some questions:

  1. How much would you like to earn
  2. How much time can you commit for that goal
  3. For how long would you do it to get that income
  4. If I can show you plant to do just that, are you ready to start?

6. Help Them Start

Make sure they know all the best practices and that they know where to get all the information and products.

For a great start you need to set the right expectations and give them some early wins. Here what you should make clear for them:

  1. You’re there as a guide, but success is up to them
  2. Your task is to let them be independent from you ASAP

7. Attending Events

Do attend your company’s destination events. They are huge learning and networking opportunities and being around those who made it will give you all the motivation.

go pro book cover


On top of thinking that most -but not all- network marketing schemes are quasi-Ponzi schemes pushing average, over-hyped products, I think this is another huge handicap of this business:

  • Family and Friends Burner Lister

I don’t like the idea of starting to pitch family and friends. They are obliged to listen to you because of your relationships, but let’s face it: you will annoy most of them.

Why would you want to bother the people closest to you?

Start with those you don’t know, and your family and friends will come to you once they see success.
But don’t start burning the people closes to you (that’s my opinion at least).

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The 3 Levels Examples
I liked the example of the 3 levels of people.

Good Sales Techniques
The sales techniques are a bit pushy at times but it’s a good process that Eric lays out in Go Pro. Read more sales summaries here.

Go Pro Book Review

Let me say this first: I would actually recommend the “Go Pro” book by Eric Worre for those interested in networking marketing.

And I also recommend you listen to Eric Worre. The guy is a wonderful communicator and obviously a smart cookie.
If you want to check out this interview he’s done with Larry King, it’s masterful.

Notice what he says to Larry King:

He turns the hard question on king and makes into a compliment, thus getting off the hard question and buying goodwill at the same time. Masterful.

That being said, it’s the network marketing model itself that I have some major doubts about.
Read more here:

My Poor Experience With Network Marketers

I have been approached a few times by random people who tried to “recruit” me in their teams.

Both of the guys who approached me acted like they were from a People’s Temple sect. They invited me to their seminars and pitched me products of “magical effects”.

They talked and plastered their Facebook walls about success and inspirational quotes.
They rambled on about “continuous learning”, but they all seemed to me they had little depth in their skillset, both in sales skills, and in social skills.

This is NOT Entrepreneurship

I don’t quite believe you can call network marketing entrepreneurship. Unless you started it, you’re not an entrepreneur.
And you don’t learn like an entrepreneur does.

It’s Only The Founders Who Benefit

It seems to me most network marketing companies only really benefit the owners.

And you’re working for the founders’ benefits much more so than if you were an employee, so I don’t buy this idea of “being your own boss”.

I struggle not to see network marketing schemes as pyramid selling organizations as great for the top… And terrible for the bottom.
You can still make lots of money, but I believe you still need not only all the skills and dedication, but also an early start in the company.

Overpriced Goods

This is a question I’ve always had: how can you have so many layers of marketers all making money on the final product without the final product being overpriced?

My answer is that you can’t.
And if you want to be your own boss or be an entrepreneur, I would recommend you not to get into multilevel marketing.

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