How to Make Someone Your Bitch: Trump Case Study

How to make someone your bitch might seem like a weird title.

How do you even do that, how is it possible to consciously make something like that happen?

Well, that’s exactly what Trump did to Macron.
Yes, you heard that right: Trump made Macron his bitch. For everyone to see.

This article will show just how he did that (and how you can avoid becoming anyone’s bitch).


Macron recently traveled to Washington to meet with Donald Trump.
And the media went berserk about their deep friendship. Bromance, some wrote.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how dumb and superficial much of the mainstream media can be.
The New York Times even writes:

Or perhaps mr. Trump was trying to please, or dominate, his guest

As if pleasing and dominating were synonyms. Or even if there were any doubts Trump was dominating Macron.
Indeed, unless your idea of friendship consists of one party dominating the other, Trump-Macron is no friendship. Trump dominates Macron so obviously that you’d be offended… If you happened to be a Macron, that is.

Let’s quickly analyze the signs:

#1. Preen Him 

If you treat him like a GF and he’s OK with it… He’s your bitch.

Preening, as Allan Pease also notes, is typical of couples and romance. And it rarely, if ever, pertains to friendship.

And here’s the other thing about preening: while it is a sign of high devotion, it’s also a sign of ownership. The party preening the other is communicating that “this person belongs to me”.
And when a man does it to another man, it’s awkward at best and a sign of physical domination at worst.

We all have a personal space indeed, and usually, people are wary of invading it. When they are not wary, it’s because they are either very comfortable with you…. Or not scared in any way.
And not being scared means that they are far above in the dominance hierarchy… And that you are powerless of hitting back.

See preening in action:

2. Touch Him With Impunity

If you push him around, and he lets you… He’s your bitch

Trump repeatedly touches Macron in a way that communicates “I’m in charge”.

Or, at times, in a way that communicates “you’re my boy Macron (and I’m the boss)”.

Here are some of them:

Special mention, of course, to Trump taking Macron’s hand and carrying him away.

That’s a behavior you expect, again, in couples (hopefully from the man).
When a man does it to another man, it’s both awkward and disrespectful. It shows, in that instance quite literally, that Trump is the leader and Macron is the follower.
At best.
At worst, it shows that one party is the man of the relationship and the other party is the woman.

And putting another head of state in the position of the girlfriend is not exactly how a “friend” should behave.

3. Talk Of Him In The Third Person While He’s Present

When you can treat someone like your puppet… They’re also your bitch.

Trump talks about Macron in the third person, as if he weren’t there.

And he does it with a condescending tone.
He makes comments about Macron the same way a crassy boss would do of the latest intern to make everyone laugh.

Here are a few examples:

Trump: We have to make him perfect. He is perfect

“we have to make him perfect” as Trump pretends to remove a piece of dandruff. That feels like a father who is sending his boy out on his first date.
And Macron totally acts that part, too.

Trump: I like him a lot

“I like him a lot” as he points at him. Yes, it’s a compliment, but it’s a domineering compliment.
Just imagine, would you go to your boss or company’s CEO, point at him, and say “I like him a lot”? No, it would feel awkward, right? But is the CEO doing that to an employee?
Fair game, it’s a compliment. But it’s a compliment that highlights a power differential.

Trump: He will be a great president. It’s my prediction. It’s only a prediction

This is a compliment similar to the above, again stressing the power differential. But this time Trump goes one step further: he takes it away in a push/pull power move.
It’s as if he’s telling everyone “he still has to prove himself (to me)”.

#4. Refuse Their Influence

If he listens to you, but you brush him off… He’s your bitch

Macron went in there mostly to convince Trump about the Iran deal.

If Trump wanted to respect Macron, he wouldn’t make any bold statement that he made up his mind without at least hinting the two will talk about it.
Instead, he does just the opposite.

Again, Trump is not behaving like a friendly host. He contradicts Macron, cuts him out, and makes “I” statements.
He is basically communicating that Macron’s opinion counts for nothing.

How to Avoid Being Someone’s Bitch

Macron does little to counteract Trump.

To his credit, sometimes he puts his hand on top of Trump or touches him, but it’s almost always as a follower or in response to Trump.
And Trump’s power moves are so obvious that Macron’s moves just seem like little drops in the ocean.

To be honest, Macron was not in an easy position:

  1. He had already chosen the chummy friend role
  2. Trump is a power-obsessed man
  3. He was in the lion’s den

However, fu*k the excuses. People like Trump will treat you how you will let them treat you, so it’s up to you to stop the deluge.
Here are some ideas.

How to Counteract Preening

During the preening moments, Macron could have done a few things:

  • Counter-preen

The most obvious. He could have reached into Trump’s jacket and pretended to remove a hair, then make a joke it was easy to find the blonde hair on the dark jacket.
Without being abrasive or anything of course, but jokingly and in a friendly manner. Maybe even saying “ahaha thank you, lemme help you out to look perfect as well”.

  • Laugh, say Trump is always so service oriented

He could have framed Trump as service-oriented by saying something like “ahaha thanks, President Trump is always so helpful with me”, then lightly slapping him on the back.
Such as he would frame Trump as the one working hard for him (the dynamics are: server/boss).

How to Counteract Hand-Holding

Countering the hand-holding was a difficult one as any insubordination would have been highly visible to everyone.

But then again, being taken by the hand was also very visible.
What to do then?

He could have avoided Trump’s hand and lingered a few seconds longer pretending he wanted to take another question.
Or even less obvious, as Trump went to grab his hand he could have started speaking and said to the journalists:

Macron: Alright, thank you everyone, it looks like Mr. President wants to go back in (laugh here as if you were making light fun of him). Thank you so much, see you later

That way, he would have followed Trump, but without looking like a puppet. He would have taken the stage, make a light joke about Trump’s domineering stance, and “closed the stage”.
All while keeping a friendly tone.

How to Counteract One-Way Influence

Macron could have said little while Trump gushed about internal politics and the “terrible” Iran deal.

But he could have done a lot indirectly.

Instead of sitting at the edge of the chair like a nervous schoolboy waiting for the teacher’s question, he should have sat back.
That way, he wouldn’t look like the insignificant man in the room who has been cut out. He would have looked as if he was the king kicking it back as Trump sweated out all the questions.
A slightly amused, relaxed smile on his face would have helped the image too.

How to Counteract Condescending Third-Person Tone

At each condescending remark, he should have bitten back with the same kind of humor.

Trump: I like him a lot
Macron: (smiling, making it obvious it’s a game he’s not taking seriously) I like him even more

Note that the above is a follower reaction. It’s OK in this case, you can’t escalate there. He’s the guest and wants to keep a good relationship.
By saying something back, even as a follower, he’d send the message he’s alive and kicking while also keeping a friendly tone.

Trump: He will be a great president. It’s only a prediction
Macron: Thank you, thank you. I’m sure he’ll make America great and will be a powerful candidate in the upcoming election

The latter is a backhanded compliment hinting that he’s not omnipotent but has to go through elections again. And might not be re-elected.


Most of the media got the relationship between Trump and Macron completely wrong.

They are not friends.
Trump made Macron his bitch.

This article rectifies what has really happened. And gives you a few pointers on what to do when someone will behave with you the same way as Trump did.

Trump humiliated Macron and got his revenge in full -and then some- from the day Macron disrespected him at the NATO summit.

And when it comes to us, usual fellow readers: never let anyone run slipshod over you.
And ad maiora!

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