Power Dynamics

Social Power Moves are sneaky maneuvers people use to raise their social status compared to yours.
Power Moves Types
There are many types of social power moves:

Aggressive in nature, like Donald Trump’s handshakes
Covert and behind your back, like in social climb in absentia
Or neutral, like letting you wait.

Whatever the style, you can hardly go through life without someone being rude to you, pushing you down or trying to take advantage of you.

This is the section details and explains, with practical examples, what the most dominant and aggressive people out there do.
And, most importantly, what you can do to stop them and stand up for yourself.

elon musk interview with dialogue transcribed

Elon Musk Frame Control: Case Study

It can take 60 seconds and equal effort to get a reputation for either a “nasty capitalist”, or a great leader.
And it makes the world of difference in your ability to lead, inspire, and achieve goals…

what is an alpha male infographic togeter with the most important alpha male taits

What Is An Alpha Male: 10 Traits & Weaknesses

There are as many definitions of “alpha male” and guides on “how to become an alpha” as there are people.
This is the one-stop article to dispel all doubts and all myths and tells you exactly what’s an alpha male, and how you can become one

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