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An example of subtle negging in text (devaluing the "I'm a model" DHV)

Early pick-up artists, see "The Game" and "Mystery Method" loved the "neg".

The neg was meant to lower her self-confidence without looking too much like an insult.

I never liked the idea too much as it comes from the mindset the man, just because he's interacting with a beautiful woman, is lower in value than she is.
And that's generally a poor mindset.
Plus, for relationships, a mindset of repeated negging is abusive and leads to terrible relationships.

However, in certain scenarios at the beginning of an interaction, negging can be a good strategy.
For example:

  • she is being a bit too "braggy"
  • she is being dismissive
  • he is indeed lower value in a few areas and she's focusing on them
  • he can't show in person that he is unimpressed

This is one such example:

negging example texting

My reply does two things:

  • Takes her down a notch (ie.: "yeah, but you're in a backwater market")
  • Makes her invest more

Notice how after that she is trying to "undig" herself from the association of "modeling in Vietnam", and thus expanding effort to prove herself to me.

When girls brag to be admired by you, it's a good thing and you never want to neg.
But when they brag as if to say "I'm such hot shit", then negging can come handy.

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Fantastic tactics! I think you are not devaluing her too hard but simply teasing her in a playful way.

I also agree 100% that negging is usually coming from a poor, low-confidence mindset.

All of the following points are from Mystery Method (MM) and I personally don't endorse him. Of course he could be wrong. Feel free to point out his mistakes.

  1. Direct DHV is an IOI
  2. You don't neg an IOI
  3. You can give her your approval, like a warm smile, when she IOI. Approval is itself an IOI.
  4. After she IOI for three times, you can start qualifying her (A3)
  5. If qualification is passed, you release the bait for a bit, and then do another qualification or CT

In this example, she is bragging possibly to climb up so she could meet your standards.




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