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Biz idea for TPM: micro PU

PU has now become a bigger investment for many.

So I'm thinking to make later on a "mini-PU".

Maybe it will contain the key power dynamics insights but without all the various applications (and modules) on work/business, dating, leadership, and relationships.

And without the "advanced stuff".

It will also be much briefer, which should satisfy those who are used to the more typical formats of "quick and easy".

I leave this one here both as a sort of "announcement", as a personal reminder, and in case someone wants to share some feedback or idea on it.

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I am exploring creating quizzes using QuizBot on Telegram. (Easy)

One can create polls too with Vote bot:

After creating these quizzes and polls, Telegram has a button to share these quizzes or polls.
One can put these quizzes and polls in your own Telegram channel. (Easy)

And the possibility of interactive lessons on a Telegram bot. (Challenging)
Telegram bots can accept payments now.

One way of creating a mobile experience without having to build an app.
Maybe a possibility for quick & easy short lessons.

Example of a Telegram bot to order pizza:

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