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Boss tries to use me as a mole in the workplace

I have a really uncomfortable situation at work. There are two very different groups. One of them is formed by people who are both good at work and lead by certain virtues, lile integrity, justice, etc. They don’t agree to lie, to betray, to set up other co workers. Well, the other group is the opposite. And is lead by a female that treats others like she s the boss and plays all kind of ugly games behind our backs. Unfortunately, she is blindedly supoorted and encouraged by the boss. Many coworkers left the department, since they could not resist this situation and all the injustice that came along. That woman hates me because I am not one of her followers and she s trying all kind of tricks. She told my boss that I am a very good friend of the people from the other group, people that my boss truely hate. So, though I tried as hard as I could to stay away, and not to adhere to any party, my boss started to intimidate me and asked me to gather information from the other group, by pretending to be their friend, while becoming a good true friend to that woman. I hate being put in these situations and I don t want to spy on any of my colleagues and I am not good at these games. I don't know how to get rid of that devilish woman, too.It would really help to get some external opinions, so, if you have any piece of advice, please share. Thank you.

Hello Misha,

Same as for AJ, please check the "communication guidelines" here.

They're important not just for the forum, but for life (just to mention three: I had to move the thread to the correct area of the forum as it shouldn't be in the private one without a strong reason -and of course nobody likes to do extra work on top of the advice-; people are a lot less likely to read "walls of text"; there is no input on how you'd handle it yourself).

I realize I may be annoying reminding this stuff on many different threads, but the foundations are foundational for a reason (if anyone has any feedback on how annoying this may be to the receiver, happy to read).

As for your question: wow, that sounds like a terrible environment to be in.

So, of course, moving somewhere else or in another department is a great option and, long term, that should be your "solution".

However, before that, I'd see what I can do for learning.
Plus, it's an option to milk this situation without any morals and qualms (if those people are so shitty, they deserve no "straight" behavior):

  1. Tell your boss "sure, I'm very happy to help you in any way that I can"
  2. Ask him what he'd like to know, let him drool and what he can get. This thread expands on what's in it for him. And the more he feels he can get, the more you can ask back
  3. Field your own demands for your support and work, say that "you're happy to help, and still it's not an easy job" indirectly talk about "helping each other", and if he pretends not to understand, say straight up that you think you're well suited for a promotion
  4. Feed him made up and BS information, or anything innocuous that doesn't throw any of your friends down the bus

As soon as you get your promotion, move to another company at your new and higher paygrade.

Don't burn bridges, say it was awesome working there but you got a higher offer you can't say no to, and that you're happy to stay friends.

Then cut those assholes out of your life for good.

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