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Entitled Leaders Make People Resentful (Macron Example)

Some people say that power corrupt, while some others say that it's corrupted people who seek power in the first place.

The Power Moves says that power does have the ability to corrupt and, quite often, also has a tendency to inflate people's ego and make them feel entitled to that power.

That usually reflects poorly on the leader's effectiveness and even on his ability to hold onto power.

Look at this example:

Macron wasn't wrong to demand respect from that kid.
But the way he did it, he shows that he's terribly full of himself, vindicative (the way he pat him and rebukes him is overly aggressive) and rather low (by taking a kid so seriously he stooped down to his level).

Aggressively demanding from a kid that he must call him "Mr. President" understandably went down very poorly with the voters.
And Macron's megalomanic attitude evidenced by this video was probably one of the major reasons why the Yellow Vest in France turned out to be one of the biggest street protests in recent years.

Lesson learned for you?
Don't let power get to your head.
It lowers your quality and breeds resentment.

You can keep this mantra in mind:

Poor leaders act like Gods.
The best leaders deliver like Gods.

You can read more:

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Great mantra! Thanks!

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